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المدرب الأرجنتيني رودلفو أروابارينا.   من المصدر

5 technical mistakes that Marvik made… that Arruabarina should avoid

Argentinian coach Rodolfo Arruabarrena is preparing to start a new phase with the national football team, after the Football Association announced last Sunday that he had signed a contract with him to coach the national team on a contract that extends until the 2023 Asian Cup to succeed Dutchman Bert van Marwijk. World Cup first official mission for Aruabarina with White.

Many factors precipitated the departure of former coach Marvik, including his having made five technical mistakes during his leadership of the national team in the past period, and Arruabarina must avoid them, represented by his failure to follow the local league matches himself to watch the players’ levels, and form an integrated vision for each player, due to his lack of permanent presence In the country, in addition to his dependence on his aides in his choices of players, in addition to his reliance on preparing the players of the team through their presence with their teams in various competitions, and not playing friendly matches before any official confrontation that the team plays, in order to determine the strengths to strengthen them and weaknesses to treat them, besides not Being close to the players and trying to get to know them despite the importance of this aspect from a technical and psychological point of view, in addition to Marvik’s failure to leave any technical imprint, and thus not creating a strong team.

Marvik did not take advantage of the opportunity he had to coach the national team in two periods, the first was during the period from March to December 2019, while the second period was during the period from December 14, 2020 to February 12, 2022.

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For his part, the former national team supervisor, former international player, Dr. Hassan Suhail told «Emirates Today»: “The goals are clear in front of the new coach, Arruabarina, and there are challenges that will face him in the next stage,” noting that “due to the absence of the former coach Marvik near the players. In the last period, during his tenure as coach of the national team, one of the biggest challenges that Arruabarina will face is the proximity to the players, the study and understanding of each player and his position.”

Hassan Suhail said: “I think Arruabarina knows most of the players and their abilities, because he was training in the UAE league, and I hope this thing will help him in employing every player in his position by finding the right squad.”

Hassan Suhail stressed that they must be realistic, as everyone’s ambition is to maintain the team’s current third position within the first group in the decisive round of the Asian qualifying qualifiers for the World Cup, in order to rise to the qualifying roles for the World Cup through the third place gate, by choosing the best possible squad. The team plays.

Regarding the chances of Arruabarina’s success, Hassan Suhail said, “The good thing about the new coach is that he does not start from scratch, as he is not considered a new coach in the Emirates football, but rather has previous knowledge of the players and the team, and this matter will help him to have greater chances of success than the previous coaches of the team, In addition, Arruabarina, although this is the first time he coaches the national team, but he has his name, his achievements and his mark in the teams that he coached.”

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Hassan Suhail pointed out that “the players are not strangers to Arruabarina,” stressing that “the new coach has the capabilities that help him succeed in his mission to create a team that maintains the current position,” noting that, step by step, he can build a competitive team.

The 5 mistakes

1- Not following the league matches closely, because he is not in the country permanently.

2- Not being close to the players despite the importance of this aspect for the players from a technical and moral point of view.

3- His dependence on his assistants in his choices of players.

4- His reliance on preparing the team for training, and avoiding friendly experiences.

5- His failure to leave any technical imprint, and his failure to create a strong team, despite his two-term training.

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