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محمد صلاح مع عمرو أديب

5 things that Mohamed Salah will answer for the first time with Amr Adib..How do you learn English? | news

Fans of the Egyptian national team and Liverpool club, Mohamed Salah, are waiting for the broadcast of his dialogue with the media, Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program, which is broadcast in full on Sunday on the open platform Shahid, and on Wednesday and Thursday via MBC Egypt.

In the meeting, Mohamed Salah talks about his football career, his life in Liverpool and other topics, and below we monitor 5 things that he is expected to do for the first time:

– How do you learn English?


– Behind the scenes of his participation in the World Earthshot Award ceremony to deal with climate change and provide innovative solutions to fix the planet.


Will he continue to stay in the ranks of Liverpool FC?

– The story of his bodyguards escorting him in recent matches, and carrying the captain’s badge


– How did he and his family fit in with English society?

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Salah recently won the Golden Foot award, during the ceremony held in the French Principality of Monaco, and Maggie Sadiq, his wife, received the award on his behalf.

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