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5 نصائح من علم الطاقة قبل بداية العام الصيني.. "سدد ديونك وطهر قلبك"

5 tips from energy science before the beginning of the Chinese year .. “Pay your debts and purify your heart”

The beginning of the Chinese New Year 2022 comes on the first of February, which represents the time of zero or the time of stillness in the movement of the universe in energy science, that is, it is the appropriate time to make decisions, as it is the real month of Safar and the time to enter the real New Year, according to the energy developer, Dr. Maha Al-Attar in her interview with “The Seventh Day”, where she offers many tips before the approaching time of zero, so that we can benefit from this period, as follows:

Prepare yourself:

The energy developer said you must prepare yourself to enter the zero time, which is to enter the gate of life, wealth, health, fulfillment of wishes and the gate of dreams in a positive spirit full of beautiful dreams that you want to achieve, with a plan for that so that your dreams are a primary goal in front of you.

Cleanse well:

And she added, as you must purify before entering the new world, because it is an important time in the entire universe, according to Chinese energy science and the beginning of the Chinese year, it is better to purify and pay attention to personal hygiene internally and externally, such as getting rid of grudges and problems that occurred in the past, and she added with the Chinese year 2022, which begins this The year is the first of February, and you must prepare for it from now on, and you must take the necessary measures to obtain everything from the universe by defining your goals and priorities well.

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Get rid of your debt:

Before entering the zero time that repeats your actions throughout the year, you must enter clean without debts and financial and material obstacles, you must pay your debt now and quickly so that you do not become indebted throughout the year.

Get rid of the burden:

You must get rid of any burdens that hinder your success in addition to getting rid of old things and negative memories so that it does not continue with you throughout the year.

Get rid of bad people:

Before entering the zero time to achieve your wishes, you must “whistle” yourself and completely get rid of what is negative, whether old collectibles that you do not need or do not use, and also get rid of some people who increase you negative energy when you see them or deal with them, as the developer stressed the need to get rid of your curses Past, bad people and bad things until you achieve what you wish and get wealth in the new year.

year zero

The beginning of the Chinese year
The beginning of the Chinese year