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5 أنواع من الأصدقاء أبعدهم عن حياتك.. متقلب المزاج أبرزهم

5 types of friends keep them out of your life.. moody ones are the most prominent

Most of us are surrounded by different types of people, some of them are good to be next to us because of the support and positive energy they give us, while others have a negative impact that you may not realize at the time but will feel with time, as we age we begin to determine the type of people we want to be With us for the rest of the trip.

Girlfriends group

In this report, we present a list of five types of friends that you should stay away from, because of their negative impact on you.

More competitor than friend

Being competitive is perfectly healthy and well, but someone is always trying to beat you and compete with you, in case you get something new? He will try to get a better version of you, you don’t need such people.

Types of Friends You Keep Out of Your Life (4)
A friend abandons his friend

He always abandons you

There are people who seem ready to stand by you in everything, but when you go through a situation, they abandon you, repeating it once or twice, they may have a real excuse, but if this situation is repeated by the same person every time, he does not deserve to be your friend It is preferable to avoid it.

Types of friends you keep away from your life (2)
girl feeling sad

spreads negative energy

Those who see the glass half empty all the time have a huge negative effect on you, so try to get away from them as soon as possible, especially if talking to these people makes you feel frustratedThis is a strong sign that you need to stay away from them.

Types of friends you keep away from your life (5)
A girl who looks surprised


Some people are moody by nature, but if this happens so many times that some people in one moment go from funny to angry for no reason, you don’t need to waste your time explaining their mood swings.

Types of Friends You Keep Out of Your Life (3)
girl crying

Ignores your problems

If someone calls or meets you and only talks about their problems in life and when you tell them your problems he ignores them or minimizes them, you need to stay away from him, friendship is a sharing between two people through thick and thin.

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