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5 unique features of Telegram that you will not see in WhatsApp

Exclusive applications technology news: 5 unique features of Telegram that you will not see in WhatsApp The source of the news – technology – 24 applications with news details 5 unique features of Telegram that you will not see in WhatsApp:

New technology and mobile applications: Telegram is gradually making its application more attractive by adding new features every month, which has increased the application’s popularity and usage significantly this year. Here are a number of interesting features offered by Telegram that the famous WhatsApp application does not have, according to the Indian Express:

chat folders
This is a great feature because Telegram is not just a messaging app, it is an open source platform, used for public discussions and one-way broadcast communication streaming. So, if you have too many channels in the main menu, you can unplug them, then swipe between tabs to quickly access any of your conversations. The Folders feature is located in the Settings section, which allows you to create tabs for home, work, or anything else.

Once you click Create Folder, you will notice the Add Chats button. If your folder name is Home, you can add the chat of all your family members in that folder by clicking on the Add Chats button. Once you’ve done that, Telegram will display two different tabs, one that will be the main menu and one that will be the ‘Home’, which you’ve created to separate your personal chats from the channels you follow.

This way, you can instantly find your loved ones as well as your favorite channels. You can also pin chats to find important chats at the top of the screen.

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Share screen video
Telegram allows you to share your device’s screen during a video call. This feature is only available for group video calls. You just need to start a video call and then click on the three-dot button in the “Video Chat” space. Telegram will then display some options, from which you need to select Screen Share.

The app will then display two small screens, one for screen sharing and one that will show your face. You can double-click either of them for a larger view. The process of minimizing the screen is the same. NS

Cloud storage for large files
Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based messaging program. People can access their messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers. There is also a personal “Saved Messages” section in the app, which allows you to use it as a diary. Users can write down important messages or save photos and they will be backed up to the secure Telegram cloud.

This feature appears when you visit the menu at the top left side of the screen. The Saved Messages feature can be accessed on your phone, laptop, and any other signed-in device from your account. You can send photos, videos, and HD files of up to 2GB each, which is not possible on WhatsApp.

Message scheduling
This is a feature that you rarely find in popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. Telegram users can schedule messages, and edit them at any time they want.
The maximum time you get to edit your text messages is two days after you send them. The feature is available for both private and group chats. To schedule a message on Telegram, you first need to type a message and then long press on the send icon. Telegram will then show you the option to schedule the message, which you need to tap to set the time and day.

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Archive chats
WhatsApp allows you to archive chats, but Telegram offers a better way to access hidden chats. On WhatsApp, you need to scroll to the end of the chat window to find the Archive section. There is no immediate way to find this section. As for Telegram, you can access the archive box by just swiping down once in the main menu. The archive box will automatically appear at the top of the screen. And it disappears automatically when you scroll down a bit.

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