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5 ways in the MIUI interface to speed up the performance of Xiaomi phones

With the passage of time Android phones have become very slow, and among the phones are Xiaomi phones, here we will show 5 ways in MIUI interface that speed up the device after updates along with heavy phone use.

Methods in MIUI interface to speed up Xiaomi phones

The main reason behind the slowdown of the phone is the pre-installed bloatware in the MIUI interface. But one of the main reasons is that users download a lot of unwanted apps from Google Play and third-party websites.

The fully installed app takes up some space and RAM in the background and slows down the performance of your device

To fix all these issues and speed up your Xiaomi device and MIUI interface, just follow the steps below.

Block third-party ads on Xiaomi phones

It comes with a lot of ads, which you may see in all default systems apps (File Manager, Mi Security, MI Theme Store or all Xiaomi apps), these ads may cause slow loading UI and get more system permissions. It is very easy to block all ads in one click.

Go to Connections and Sharing >> Private DNS >> Select the host name of your DNS provider. Now enter the following lines into the “” dialog and save the settings to block all MIUI ads.

Disable some system animation features

The animations in the MIUI interface will slow down your device if it is higher than the default setting. So follow the steps below to reduce the usage of animations and help speed up your system.

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Go to Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> Animation. Turn off all three animation scales. 1. Animation window 2. Transition animation 3. Animation duration scale.

Enable automatic cache cleaning

All Android apps create cache while running and cache files are stored in memory which causes phone to crash.

You don’t need to manually clear each app’s files, but automatic cache cleaning helps clear all data when the device is locked.

Open the Mi Security app, tap on the battery and tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner, then select the preferred time interval to clear cache when the device is locked.

Activate memory expansion

Nowadays all Xiaomi devices are running and the update comes with the latest feature called Memory Extension, this feature increases RAM capacity, devices get 3GB RAM or some devices get 1GB RAM.

You can expand the capacity by opening the device settings app and tapping on Additional settings, then going to Memory Extension and tapping on the Expand option.

Delete other files in storage

Too small storage will cause apps to crash and completely slow down your phone. On phones, it is very easy to check which particular files are taking up more space and the way to delete these files is easy

Remove duplicate video, image, audio and document files from your internal storage that are slowing down your device.

Is your device slow? Share with us in the comments.