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50 female players from 23 nationalities.. "The Women's Paradise", the tunes of space

50 female players from 23 nationalities.. “The Women’s Paradise”, the tunes of space

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

50 female musicians of 23 nationalities, gathered yesterday evening at the “Firdaws Women’s Orchestra” to perform pieces on different musical instruments, on the Jubilee Park theater, in the presence of a large number of visitors to the largest global event, to celebrate the first space explorers at the conclusion of the space week at “Expo 2020”. The audience will travel with them on a journey outside the framework of time and space, under the title “Fantasy Musicals on the Strings of Space”, in a dazzling musical show that included a variety of picturesque musical pieces inspired by the world of space.

On the strings of the oud, qanun, violin, guitar, flute and cello, “The Women’s Paradise” created a visual and kinetic harmony under the supervision of the international Indian musician AR Rahman, and led by maestro Yasmina Sabbah, with their professional fingers to present completely new melodies for Space Week, such as the piece “Hope” that was dedicated To the UAE, for its historical achievement in space exploration with the “Probe of Hope”, in addition to their performance of a number of musical pieces that had previously been implemented as soundtracks for famous science fiction films, which were presented with different distribution, and also took the “Women’s Paradise”, whose age ranges. Between 16 and 51 years old, to show that the world of music is available to everyone and for everyone, attend a journey to classical pieces that brought together East and West, to form a unique painting celebrating the culture and diversity of the region.

Most of the ideas were inspired by the orchestra, starting with zither player Sahar Khoury, who performed plays for Mozart, and the presentation of another piece about the Turkish March, “Turkish March,” and Hanan Halawani, who excelled at playing the bouzouq instrument, as well as playing pieces composed by her.

About this concert, AR Rahman said: The pieces presented by “The Women’s Paradise” are dedicated specifically to space explorers, I have spent the past three months trying to prepare them, and I had a lot of ideas, as I wanted to present something for Space Week in the first concerts of the Paradise Orchestra, from By merging Indian sound with oriental sound, and Western orchestras with instruments from the Middle East.

He continued, “The Paradise Orchestra will play a major role in correcting negative perceptions about the peoples of the Middle East, which portray to people that music is prohibited in this region of the world, and that women cannot appear and play music. On the contrary, we are here in front of a group of women forming an orchestra and playing High-end music for people of good taste, we have a wonderful team, representing this orchestra, which is a source of inspiration for the young generation to advance music, and for those who are passionate about the arts and who put art at the forefront of their interests and aspire to change the world for the better.

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