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50 projects attract a bold vision for the future of the UAE

Mansour Abdullah Kalban Zuma Belhole, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United Arab Emirates, while outlining the ambitious plan of the United Arab Emirates, stressed that the Fifty Plans capture a bold vision for the future of the United Arab Emirates. Global Center for Openness, Innovation and Business Exchange.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Bayan, our Ambassador to the United Kingdom said: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Network will create 500 new companies in the field of advanced technology over the next five years, which will ignite innovation and innovation in our society that will spark new growth and power. This is what drives the diversification of our economy.

He emphasized that “Expo 2020 Dubai” was a very important event, uniting the international community to create a better future for all, a platform for global innovation and a source of guidance and inspiration for the next fifty years of growth. And the development of the United Arab Emirates.

Here are the details of the conversation:

In what ways can the UAE embassies abroad focus on promoting the “United Emirates Global” campaign to attract investors, talent and entrepreneurs in the new economy?

In promoting the United Arab Emirates Global Campaign to Attract Investors, Talents and Entrepreneurs in the New Economy, the new Green Visa and Independent Work Visa represent a unique opportunity for UAE diplomatic missions to connect with entrepreneurs, investors, alumni and students. It continues to offer new opportunities for the most innovative thinkers and inventors. With the progressive reforms recently introduced by the country, including measures such as allowing 100% foreign trade rights, we are opening up the UAE to greater efficiency, and the portal will open up more opportunities. International investors to invest in UAE.

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50th trip

The UAE’s journey over the next fifty years will contribute to the development of 50 development and economic projects and the creation of new stimulus creative and competitive standards.

Fifty projects capture a bold vision for the future of the United Arab Emirates as we enter a new phase in our history as they outline the country’s ambitious plan as a global hub for global open space, innovation and trade.

Explicit elements

* In your opinion, what are the most important and recent innovative methods that can highlight the bright image of the UAE in the eyes of the world, especially the foreign investor in the UAE in highlighting the elements of openness, empowerment, growth and stability? What are the features that differentiate the UAE from other investment destinations and what should be the focus of it?

Over the past fifty years, the UAE has become a hub of innovation, starting with Mustard City and Expo 2020 Dubai, passing the Green Economic Initiative and not ending with the UAE’s goal of exploring Mars. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Network created 500 new companies in the field of technology, and over the next five years, it will ignite the spark of new growth and advance innovators and innovators in our community, which will push forward the process of diversifying our economy.

The comprehensive reforms introduced by the government in the green visa and housing system are essential for the success of this initiative to attract entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups. United Arab Emirates

“Expo 2020”

With the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, the largest global economic event in the United Arab Emirates, how does this contribute to enriching the United States global campaign?

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Expo 2020 Dubai is a very important event, a starting point for global innovation and a source of guidance and inspiration for the next 50 years of growth in the United Arab Emirates. By bringing the world together, we aim to provide a platform for fostering discussion and cooperation, and to place the United Arab Emirates at the center of global dialogue.


At present the volume of trade between the UAE and the UK, British investments in the UAE and Emirati investments are the most important of these investments and what are your expectations for the future Traveling to the UAE in the next fifty years?

The close partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom continues to grow, as our bilateral trade and investment ties deepen – recently agreed to invest $ 10 billion – as part of the future UAE-UK partnership announced by investing in various sectors such as technology, infrastructure and innovation Focuses on doing.

Our historic relationship has brought definite and long-term benefits to the economies of the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, and the recent launch of 50 projects will further open the UAE economy, increasing exports by 10 per cent to 10 major markets, including the UK, by 2030.

Our common future holds promising prospects because both the UAE and the UK are focused on achieving the ambitious goals at the 26th Climate Conference “COP26”, and the transformation of renewable and green energy and sustainability will boost the growth of both countries’ economies and create new opportunities for cooperation.

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The Emirates Embassy in London confirms that more than 100,000 British citizens reside in the United Arab Emirates, while about 50,000 Emirati citizens visit the UK each year, and there are about 170 flights a week between the UAE and the UK operated by British Airways. And Etihad Airways. And Emirates Airlines, with more than one million British visitors a year to Emirates.

British exports to the United Arab Emirates cover a wide range of sectors, including telecommunications, power generation machinery and equipment, electrical goods, transport, office equipment, retail and non-metallic mineral production. British companies such as PP and Shell played a key role. In the development of energy resources in the United Arab Emirates.

Extensive experience in finance and business

Ambassador Mansour Belhole is the UAE Ambassador to the United Kingdom, who was appointed to the post in June 2019.

Ambassador Belhole aims to strengthen bilateral relations with the United Kingdom, especially after leaving the EU

His campaign aims to raise funds for the Great Armond Street Hospital.

Al-Houl has extensive experience in finance, trade and international relations. He attended schools in the Emirates and Scotland and later joined the University of Leeds. After graduating from university in 1997, he worked for three years in the finance department in Dubai and London.