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500 participants in the "Dictation" competition from space

500 participants in the “Dictation” competition from space

Many people remember dictation classes in schools in childhood, and some of them preferred it and some did not like it or mastered it, so a French astronaut decided to bring the minds back to childhood again, but from space.

Today, a number of space enthusiasts and French language lovers are participating in a dictation competition, the text of which is read from space by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet on a giant screen at the Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget, near Paris.

It is expected that about 500 participants of all ages will be in the open air with paper and pens to write an excerpt from the novel “Dam Facing the Pacific” “An Barrage Counter Le Pacific” by French writer Marguerite Duras, which is dictated by the French astronaut.

Tables and chairs will be distributed on the runway of the exhibition dedicated to aviation, where it will broadcast, at three in the afternoon, on a giant screen, a pre-recorded video clip of Thomas Pesquet, who has participated since last April in a mission to the International Space Station, 400 km from Earth.

“Thomas Pesquet himself chose this text, which is considered one of the classics of French literature,” the founder of the “Giant Spelling” novelist Rachid Santaky told AFP.

For eight years, Santaky has been trying to “take dictation out of school” and make spelling competitions in unexpected places a popular activity. He has read more than 500 texts in prisons, city districts, at the Stade de France, as well as on social networks and on the radio. “By taking dictation into space, we will make people dream,” he said.

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Santaky aims to erase the “bad memory” some have of dictation at school.

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