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$ 500 to $ 750

Roma – The vaccine provides, Fake vaccine passport e Forged certificates Negative anti-govt tests For sale in the dark web. According to the BBC, access to specialized search engines in that part of the ‘network’ is limited to $ 500 to $ 750 for the AstroGeneca, Spotnik, Synopharm and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, while forged certificates can be purchased for anti-Govt tests for at least $ 150.


It was discovered by researchers at a company called Checkpoint, which specializes in online security Since the beginning of the year, the number of advertisements related to Govt vaccines has tripled. However, the BBC points out that it has not been able to determine whether these vaccines are genuine or not.


Vendors claim they are in the United States, Spain, Germany, France and Russia: Oxford Vaccine-AstraZeneca is offered for $ 500, That Johnson & Johnson e Sputnik $ 600 Each, the Chinese Sinoform a $ 750. There are numerous ‘3×2’ offers for counterfeit Govt test certificates, promises to deliver vaccines within 24 hours and fake vaccine passports to be paid in bitcoin.

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