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6 amazing features from Google for Android users

Joe 24:

Smartphones have become the focus of our digital lives now. When buying a new phone these days, we not only buy a phone, but also a complete technical system of devices that are all expected to work together seamlessly, such as: wireless headphones, smart watch, laptop, TV, Fitness tracking, and other devices that facilitate our work and our interest in our health throughout the day.

Reports indicate that the average person now owns about 8 connected devices. By 2030, this number is expected to reach 15 connected devices.

Therefore, Google focused in developing the Android 13 system on adding new features that facilitate the connection of your phone to all your devices, so that they all work together smoothly through an integrated technical system for connected devices, which facilitates the process of transferring content and completing tasks quickly, according to Al Arabiya Net.

Here are 6 ways Android helps your devices work together seamlessly:

1- Connect to nearby devices quickly via the Fast Pair feature

Fast Pair speeds up the setup process to pair your favorite Bluetooth devices, such as headphones. This feature in Android phones is also compatible with the Matter smart home standard, where you can connect smart home devices to Google Home, and your favorite applications directly from your phone.

2- Send files across devices using the Nearby Sharing feature

Google launched the Nearby Share feature for the first time in 2020, to provide a quick way for Android users to easily and securely share content from their devices, whether sending files to another device of their own, sending photos and videos to family members and friends, or sending documents to co-workers.

At the end of 2022, Google developed the Nearby Sharing feature, where you can automatically share files between your devices via a Google account. You can also adjust privacy settings so that you will not receive unwanted things from strangers if you leave your device visible to everyone, and much more.

Now when you want to send any content from your Android phone you can use the Nearby Sharing feature which searches for nearby devices and then automatically chooses the best fast and easy sharing protocol to use based on what you’re sending.

For example: you will use peer-to-peer if you are completely offline, other sharing protocols which include Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy DLE, Hotspot, WebRTC, NFC and more. If you are connected to the Internet, you are using Wi-Fi.

3- Broadcast content from phone to TV using Chromecast

Google launched the Chromecast in 2013 as an inexpensive way to stream entertainment content over the Internet to your TV.

Since then, it’s expanded its casting capabilities to more devices so you can bring entertainment and apps from your phone to your TV, smart speaker or soundbar.

You can also use the Google Assistant to easily transfer media between compatible devices via voice commands.

4- Accomplish more tasks via your smart watch

Google introduces Wear OS to power Android wearables, and each update introduces several new features that will help improve performance, health tracking features, greater reliance on the Google Voice Assistant, and more.

Google has introduced several new features in Wear OS 3 release in 2021 that you can take advantage of.

With the latest version of Wear OS, you can use the Camera app on your smartwatch to remotely control the camera on your Pixel phones, or use the Google Home app to control compatible smart home devices like thermostats and lights.

And when you go out for a run, you can ask the Google Assistant on your smartwatch to start playing a Spotify playlist and track your exercise using the Fitbit or Adidas app on your watch.

There are now even more Wear OS watches to choose from, including the Pixel Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series, and Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition.

5- Use your phone as a TV remote control

You can use the Google TV app on your phone or tablet to pair it with your smart TV, play movies and shows, turn the TV on or off, change the volume, activate the Google Assistant, control media playback, and much more. Thus, you can turn your phone into a remote control.

6- Stay connected while driving via Android Auto

A few days ago, during its participation in the 2023 CES exhibition, Google launched a new update for the Android Auto system – which connects Android phones and devices to the car screen – that includes many new features and updates that keep you connected while driving easily and safely.

Android Auto update focuses on 3 goals:

– Stay connected while driving: By facilitating access to Google Maps, facilitating communication with family and friends or playing music and podcasts, Google Assistant can remind you of missed calls while driving, and share your arrival time with friends and family, in addition to instant access to music and podcasts .

– More personalization: By providing a more personal experience through the Material You interface, through media cards, and making it easier to access your most used or last used applications.

Wider support for digital car key sharing with family and friends: You can digitally share your car key across Pixel phones and iPhones to make it easier to give trusted friends and family access to your car. Google also announced that the key sharing feature will soon be available on Samsung phones.

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