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6 contestants on the second day of the “Fatima Bint Mubarak International Quran Competition”

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The Dubai International Quran Award attracts men and women who have always memorized the Book of God raised in their families at the table of the Quran, and has received the attention and attention of parents who are interested in raising all or the majority. This is the case of contestants in the contest of Sheikh Fatima bint Mubarak for memorizing family members, and for the Nobel Quran, which saw the progress of 6 contestants for the test yesterday.

The contestant, Ruwaida Qasim Mohammed, a representative of the United States, holds a BA in Engineering and his six brothers memorize the Word of God, was born and raised in the United States, where he began to memorize the Koran. Finished at the age of eleven, seventeen. Although her parents did not memorize the Quran like her, they are interested in memorizing her and her six other brothers.

Farial Ahmad Misbah Tanira, a fourth-year Palestinian rival in economics and administration at Al Qasimia University, belongs to a family that memorized the Quran.

Farrell, who started memorizing at the age of seven and finished at the age of fifteen, says: “In this, the family environment influenced me, especially since I was the youngest at home, and my mother tested me every time. Her method is to list each section five times a day. “

On Saturday, the first day of the Sheikh Fatima Bint Mubarak International Quran Awards competition, American, Palestinian and Indian competitors submitted to the jury for testing, and yesterday, six contestants were presented in the presence of his adviser, Ibrahim Mohammed Pumelha. Al-Kareem, Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Dubai International Quran Award, members of the Organizing Committee and observers following the Quran competition.

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Sadia Omar Abkar from Cameroon, Hanifa Abdel Nasser Molem Ahmed from the UK, Asia Ali Ahmed from Nigeria, Iman Ahmed Mohammed Abu Alaika from Jordan, Mona Abdi Fattar Abdi Farah from Kenya and Amira from the United Republic of Canada came before. Must be read in front of the selection committee. The contestants thanked the Dubai International Quran Award for giving the resident memorizers the opportunity to participate in the competition, which was described as the dream of those who memorize the Book of God.


The contestant, Salha Paika, a representative of India, said that at the age of twenty, he studied in his homeland till the age of ten and then came and stayed in the Emirates with his father. He pointed out that his brothers were studying commentary in India and that his sister was memorizing the entire Quran.