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6 Emirati initiatives to support the Arabs in space

6 Emirati initiatives to support the Arabs in space

Nasser Al Jabri (Abu Dhabi)

To support the Arab space sector, the UAE has presented 6 major initiatives, based on the state’s message of transmitting the message of knowledge and exchanging experiences with Arab countries, and consolidating its efforts to strengthen the regional scientific and knowledge sector, which contributes to empowering the energies and young cadres in the region to advance in scientific indicators. Taking advantage of space science and related scientific disciplines.
The satellite project “Law-1”, which was recently launched, is the latest initiative that the UAE has worked on with an Arab space orientation, through participation and cooperation with the Kingdom of Bahrain in building, designing and manufacturing the satellite, with the aim of enhancing Emirati and Bahraini expertise in the space sector, and developing levels of Bilateral cooperation in joint Arab projects.
The second initiative is the launch of Arab geniuses in space. During the past months, the list of the first beneficiaries of the Arab genius programs was announced, with the aim of incubating and nurturing a distinguished scientific elite of Arab geniuses and the owners of scientific talents and competencies from the young men and women of the Arab world, to prepare and train them in the field of science Space and its technologies, to contribute their expertise and innovations to the space sector in the region, benefit from the unlimited professional and scientific prospects for this sector in the future, and enhance the orientation of their societies and countries to build knowledge economies.

  • Arab space genius is one of the most prominent initiatives to support talent (from the source)

The third initiative is to support the Arab Group for Space Cooperation, which was launched two and a half years ago from the UAE with the participation of 14 Arab countries. Encouraging research and studies related to space, contributing to the dissemination of space culture among Arab societies, in addition to providing opinion and advice to Arab countries in the various fields of space.
The fourth initiative is to activate the principle of transferring expertise and exchanging knowledge to establish space sectors in the Arab countries. The Emirates Space Agency has contributed to supporting the efforts of a number of Arab countries to start establishing ambitious space programs, benefiting from the UAE experience in establishing the first Arab space agency, the Emirates Space Agency. Also, working teams from the Emirates Space Agency were sent to provide the necessary field support for the Arab space programmes.
The fifth initiative is for Arab researchers to benefit from data on Emirati space projects, where the scientific data of the Hope Probe is shared with the international scientific community, and Arab countries are also involved in the process of benefiting from research and data collected by the Hope Probe, and a plan has been developed to share data on the moon. Arab Synthetic 813, in order to promote joint Arab action towards science and knowledge.

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The sixth initiative is to support scientific research efforts in partnership between the UAE and various Arab countries, by launching specialized working papers, participating in international conferences and forums, and encouraging Arab countries to participate in specialized scientific organizations, institutions and international space alliances.