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6 important information about the “Harmony” operating system from “Huawei”

6 important information about the “Harmony” operating system from “Huawei”

from 24:

Many questions have arisen since Huawei announced its Harmony operating system in 2019, which is perhaps the most prominent competitor to the popular Android operating system.

And the initial previews of the first beta version “Harmony 2.0”, which the company launched in 2021, revealed many details about it, especially with regard to the unification of all devices operating with this system. But there are still many questions that need answering.

Among these questions, the extent of privacy, security and performance provided by this system, in addition to its availability on a large scale outside China.

Launching the official version of the Harmony system

Huawei first released this OS version for select devices in 2019. Focusing on smart TVs, IoT devices, in-car entertainment systems, and more.

So far, the company has contented itself with releasing HarmonyOS 2.0 last June across a selection of its phones and smartwatches.

Compatible Smartphones

Huawei has announced support for the “Harmony 2.0” operating system version for smartphones that have 4 GB of RAM.

However, by the end of 2021, the company plans to install the system across more than 300 million devices.

These devices include smartphones, tablets, wearables, IoT devices, and other corporate devices.

Huawei smartphones such as the Mate 40, P40 and Mate 30 receive HarmonyOS 2.0 updates automatically.

Is Harmony OS good?

According to numerous beta reviews, Harmony has proven to be an Android version. Which means that it is based on the code of the Android open source project.

And as such it should be a good operating system. And it works in a pretty familiar way. But it is still too early to pass a final verdict on him.

And time is supposed to tell how good an operating system is, because it’s still not mainstream. There are many contributing factors to prove its quality or not later.

Does Harmony run Android apps?

According to Huawei, “Harmony” allows users to use Android applications, in addition to allowing HarmonyOS applications to be downloaded and run.

Users will not be able to access the Google Play Store, however, the Huawei App Store contains more than 134,000 applications. More than four million developers have signed up to distribute their apps through this store.

Can it replace the Android system?

It can happen in some parts of the world, but there is a lot of work to be done, because Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system and will not be easily replaced.

In addition, HarmonyOS is currently only available on Huawei devices. So it is still unclear how many smartphone manufacturers will choose to install this new operating system later on their devices.

Harmony will likely become popular in China, and possibly in some other Asian markets. But the prospect at the global level is slim so far.

Does Harmony support Google Play services?

Users who migrated to Harmony can still download Android apps via Huawei devices running HarmonyOS. But Google applications will not work on his phone. He will also not be able to use the Google Play Store or Google Play services that link all Google apps together and many third-party services as well.

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