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6 swing states .. Who do the votes go to in the congressional elections?

6 swing states .. Who do the votes go to in the congressional elections?

The doors of the polling stations will open on Tuesday morning (according to local time in the American East) to elect members Parliament The 435, and a third of the members Senate The 35 deputies out of the 100 deputies.

  • Need Republicans To win only 6 additional seats in the House of Representatives, and an additional seat in the Senate, to obtain a majority CongressAt the time, observers believe that these elections have significant impacts on the course of the American authority and its future decisions.
  • In states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, andWisconsin In addition to NevadaIn the many critical races that will determine control of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and state governments, what happens in those states will affect issues such as abortion rights, foreign policy, education and the climate crisis.
  • Twenty seats in the congressional elections were classified as swinging between the two parties’ candidates while waiting for the ballot boxes to be decided.

Swing states position

  • in Arizona Republicans hope to take back the reins after Democrats made headway in 2020 when Biden won the state and Democrat Mark Kelly won the state’s seat in the Senate
  • Latinos represent a large voting bloc in Arizona that could end up deciding on this tight race, as they represent 19 percent of the state’s 2020 voters, according to polls.
  • Either in GeorgiaDemocrats John Osoff and Raphael Warnock won Senate seats in the last session, and Warnock will now compete for a new term against the former president-backed soccer star. Donald TrumpHerschel Walker, who maintained the support of the Republican Party.
  • All eyes are on Michigan into the gubernatorial race as Governor Gretchen Whitmer faces Republican rival Theodore Dixon, whose endorsement she hopes will help turn the state back toward Republicans.
  • Looking at Pennsylvania It is the state that put Biden on top in 2020, home to some of the country’s most important Senate and governor races this year.
  • Republicans hope to retain a Senate seat with Mehmet Oz, while Jon Fetterman hopes his unorthodox charisma will help him move the seat to the Democrats’ queue.
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would be right to miscarriage Also on the ballot, hoping Democrats That this issue would help boost turnout among their primary voters.

Opportunities for Republicans

For her part, Irina Zuckerman, an American expert on strategic affairs, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that Republicans are likely to win in the House of Representatives by obtaining 20 to 30 seats.

  • Republicans need only one seat to control the Senate, but many rivalries are very close and could easily bring about change in either direction.
  • about the position Swing statesPennsylvania is one of the main swing states, and Biden has visited it several times.
  • Arizona, which Biden has essentially ignored, may turn red again, as candidate Kerry Lake promotes populist positions shared by many Trump supporters.
  • will remain New York It’s blue, but the hotly contested governor’s race could award the state to Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, according to the US expert.