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Žižka před branami.

600 years ago, Jan Žižka from Trocnov found himself at the gates of Polička. what happened after that?

Our museum will open on Saturday 8 May, in both the museum buildings and the Gothic town’s fortifications. You can look forward to the Žika touch exhibition in front of the gates on the 600th anniversary of the entry of the Hussite Polička forces full of armor, female Gothic dresses, fun activities and production, as well as Hrátnice or Playful Town Hall, an interactive game space for smart heads and skilled hands.

If you think about where to go for a weekend, the right choice is undoubtedly the Polička Walls, which are among the best-preserved monuments of the medieval town’s fortification system, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Central Europe. In 1958 they were included in the list of cultural monuments. The fortification wall is 2 to 2.25 meters wide, 8 meters high, and supported by 19 half-cylindrical fortresses open to the city. The ramparts are still preserved and are 1,220 meters long surrounding the historic core of the entire city. The tour takes place in the open air and is currently an ideal way to protect yourself, but at the same time “do something”.

Another interesting excursion tip is the i frontka gallery in front of the gates.

“In 1421, during his campaign and efforts to liberate Eastern Bohemia and Moravia from the power of Sigismund of Luxembourg, Jan Gechka found himself at the gates of Polika … How was it after that? Did Polika fight or did the gates open to save the city? The walls of Cicek’s soldiers, or is it just a rumor? Come to the exhibition and discover it all! ”Says curator, Mgr. Simona Valachova.

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“There will be Hussite weapons, shields, T-shirts, and helmets that you can try and weigh. What will you immortalize yourself as a warrior in a battle in the corner of a groomed photo with great coordination clarification! Ladies will not fall short either. They can wear a gothic dress and adorn themselves with a headscarf or veil. In addition to information and beads about Hussites and the warrior.” Unbeaten, interesting facts about the history of Polychka and the Svoyanov Castle await. “

Finally, for everyone who loves to play, we announce that the exhibition halls at Polička’s Baroque Town Hall will turn into a large interactive game room! Don’t you believe? Come see for yourself and you will definitely not be bored! Jigsaw puzzles, riddles, quizzes and skill games of all kinds await and promise fun for the little, old and old. You can play, for example, mini golf, dominoes, or skittles. Build a broken arch, pyramid vase, or prehistoric vase from parts. You will test your patience when building an astronomical clock from a fairy tale, tactics in ship battle, collaborate with the balancer and know the map of the world.

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Alina Zavoralova

Alina Zavoralova
Polička Municipal Museum and Gallery and Bohuslav Martinů Center in Polička
Tylova 114, 572 01 Polička
Phone: +420461723864