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7 common mistakes made by Android phone users

Android phones are Easy to use Enough, but there are some errors that its users make that may affect the performance of the phone significantly, from installing strange applications from unknown sources to not activating important features on the phone.

Therefore, in our article today, we will review some common mistakes that can be made while using Android phones, so that you can avoid them in the future:

1- Closing applications frequently:

7 common mistakes made by Android phone users

Many people think that closing apps constantly running in the background on their Android phones will improve their performance and extend battery life, but this approach was useful in older Android versions.

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developed The Google The Android system has grown significantly over the past years, and starting with (Android 6) has added advanced battery and RAM management features, so the system has an effective mechanism to manage all the processes running in your phone at the same time, it manages background running apps and saves battery too, you don’t have to worry about that.

When you close an app manually, it is removed from memory and takes longer to open the next time. Also, frequently closing apps running in the background will not extend your phone’s battery life, because battery management features, such as: feature (Doze) – which runs automatically if you leave your phone for a while, with the screen turned off – restricts apps’ access to the network and processor, so the CPU and network usage per app is minimal.

In other words, your Android phone will take care of itself automatically, and you don’t have to close apps frequently to improve your phone’s performance, as modern Android phones are smart enough to know which apps you use all the time and which ones aren’t a priority.

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2- Use battery and memory optimization apps:

Battery and memory optimization apps

There are a lot of applications in the store Google Play Which claims to clean your phone and improve battery performance and RAM, but many of these applications do not do what they promise, but some of them actually consume your phone’s resources, which negatively affects its performance.

These apps make big promises to improve the performance of the phone but most of them are there just to show you ads, and the powerful features in such apps are often paid, so keep in mind that most of the phone optimization apps are unnecessary because the Android system now automatically manages these things very efficiently.

3- Installing applications from unknown sources:

Sometimes, when you are unable to find an app or game in Google Play, you may tend to search Google for the APK file and download it from a third-party website, but the Android system will not be able to verify the applications that you download from websites, and this may expose you to to security and privacy threats.

Google offers in the Android system a protection tool called (Google Play Protect) is based in its work on machine learning algorithms from Google to scan the applications on your phone, in addition to the new applications that you download from the Google Play Store, to maintain the security of your device, your data and applications.

in another meaning; If you are in the habit of downloading apps from unknown sources, your phone is more likely to be infected with viruses and spyware.

4- Giving Unnecessary Permissions to Apps:

Application permissions

The permissions granted to the application allow it to access data and resources in your phone so that it can perform its functions, so when you install an application, many pop-ups appear to ask for permissions, for example: the photo gallery application will request access to your photos and storage space, or the messaging application will need to be able to see your contacts.

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But pay attention to each application; Is the permission it is requesting important for its functioning or not, because some apps ask for permissions that are not necessary and are used to collect data for analytics and personalized ads, so it is necessary to read the permission popups carefully and allow only the permissions that are relevant to the functioning of the app.

5- Not activating the Find My Device feature:


feature (find my device) Find My Device An important security feature in Android phones that users often ignore as it is only used if the phone is lost or stolen.

This feature allows you to find your phone and remotely disable or wipe its contents if it is lost. It also allows you to manage the lock screen so that no one can change the settings or turn off the Internet. This will increase the likelihood that you will actually be able to recover your phone, saving You’ll have a lot of headache and money.

Therefore, you must ensure that this feature is activated as soon as you start using the phone; Because it will help you track the phone if it is lost or stolen, and it will also help you delete your data remotely if you cannot access it.

6- Not setting up or using the Google Assistant:

7 common mistakes made by Android phone users

google assistant It is the default assistant in all Android phones and helps you perform tasks on your device through voice commands, but while setting up a new Android phone some people ignore setting up Google Assistant, while if you set it up, it is likely to completely change the way you use your phone.

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You can use the Google Assistant to check the weather every day, check daily news, set alarms, schedule meetings, add reminders, send scheduled messages, manage your smart home, call friends or restaurants to eat out, and much more.

7- Not backing up your data:

7 common mistakes made by Android phone users

For some reason it may happen that you lose your smartphone or have to reset it for any reason, but what’s worse than losing it is losing all your files and apps without having a backup.

Therefore, it is always recommended to back up your data in case of any emergency. You can backup your phone content, data and settings to your Google account, and your backed up data can be restored to the original phone or to your new Android phone.

Backups are uploaded to Google servers and encrypted using your Google account password, and for some data, you must use your phone’s PIN, pattern, or screen lock password to encrypt and securely back up this data.

in conclusion; To use your phone to its full potential, it’s important to understand and avoid these common mistakes. Some of these errors are of high importance, while some of them will help you get the most out of your phone, so you will notice a big change in your phone experience once you start avoiding these errors.