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7 Freeze the assets of senior Russian businessmen .. Visa facility for Ukrainians

7 Freeze the assets of senior Russian businessmen .. Visa facility for Ukrainians

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United Kingdom: Freeze assets of 7 senior Russian businessmen

He pointed out that as part of a pioneering effort by the United Kingdom to isolate “Russian President Vladimir Putin” and those around him, the assets of these businessmen, who have a combined fortune of about ில்லியன் 15 billion, would be frozen and banned. Since traveling to Britain, no British citizen or company will deal with them. .

Roman Abramovich is on the list of new sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom. Chelsea football club owner worth over 9 9 billion, pioneer businessman Oleg Deripaska worth 2 2 billion, and Rosneft Igor Sechin’s CEO and four businessmen close to Putin.

“Our support for Ukraine will not waver and we will not stop this work of intensifying the pressure on the Putin regime,” he said.

The United Kingdom is “deeply concerned” that Russian President Vladimir Putin may order the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said yesterday.

Truss – who is currently visiting the United States – said it was “a big mistake on Russia’s side, in addition to the serious mistakes Putin has already made.”

“We have already seen Russia use these weapons in conflict areas,” he added, quoting the US newspaper The Hill.

During his visit to Washington, Truss is expected to urge Washington to “intensify global pressure” on Russia, and, according to an earlier copy of Truss’ speech to the Atlantic Council, said sanctions “should go further.”

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The White House has warned that Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine as an excuse to use such weapons.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel yesterday announced online visa application procedures for Ukrainians, after sharply criticizing the Kingdom government’s response to the crisis.

Patel said in a statement issued by The Guardian on Tuesday that “Ukrainians with passports no longer have to go to the Visa Application Center to submit their applications before entering the country.” Instead, once their applications are considered and appropriate verifications are completed they will receive immediate notification that they are eligible for the program and may be coming to the UK.

“In short, Ukrainians with passports can get permission to come here entirely online from anywhere, and can provide their biometrics as soon as they arrive in the UK,” he added.

This means that after pressure from opposition representatives, conservatives and the Ukrainian government, the procedures for obtaining a visa will be simplified from next Tuesday.

Ukrainian refugees no longer have to go to the Visa Application Center to apply before arriving in the UK.