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7 superfoods that will make your smile more beautiful for women

7 superfoods that will make your smile more beautiful for women

Herbs, fruits and even spices. Find out to help you with your problem.

Jetrocel coffee

Plantain is one of the herbs with therapeutic effects, the most famous of which is the form of banana syrup. It is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases. However, in addition to treating coughs, this herb is also used to treat cuts and lacerations, it helps with insect bites or animal bites. Last but not least, banana leaf extract has a hemostatic effect, that is, an effect against bleeding gums. “As part of natural toothpastes, banana leaf extract helps treat gingivitis, ie. for bleeding gums” MDDr says. Jana Karbusická, dentist and professional guarantor of the SPLAT brand, adds that regular and proper dental hygiene is essential to successfully treat gingivitis. It is ideal to visit a dental hygienist.

Chia seeds, quinoa, and goji: Are superfoods really great?

Sudanese hibiscus

The Sudanese hibiscus or Chinese rose is not only a well-known ornamental plant, but it also contains a number of active ingredients – such as flavonoids, B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin), vitamin C, carotene and fatty acids, while flavonoids are important for growth and maintenance. Healthy bones, teeth and gums. “In natural toothpastes, hibiscus can be in the form of flower extract. Regular brushing with its paste helps stimulate cell renewal and improve hydration and nutrition.” Ing Claims. Zuzana Heiník Bělová from BELdental, a company that specializes in dental and oral care.

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