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7 Taliban killed and others wounded in an attack by the movement

7 Taliban killed and others wounded in an attack by the movement

A member of the Panjshir Resistance Front announced today, Tuesday, that 7 Taliban fighters were killed and others wounded in an attack by the movement.

And the local “Tolo” news agency, quoting a source close to the resistance led by Ahmed Masoud, said on Monday that Taliban gunmen attacked a post of a guard detachment in the Afghan province of Panjshir. According to the source, the resistance forces repelled the attack.

While Afghan media quoted a source close to the leaders of the province of Panjshir that the “Taliban” fighters attacked a residential gathering in the province on Monday, and that the Panjshir forces repelled the attack.

Ahmed Masoud, the leader of the Afghan Resistance Front stationed in Panjshir Province, had said that He will stop his activities and withdraw from politicsIf the Taliban establish an inclusive government and guarantee freedom and equality among citizens.

In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, Massoud explained that “if the Taliban intends to share power with everyone, and intends to establish justice and give equality and freedom to all in Afghanistan, then I will retreat and withdraw from politics.”

He considered that an acceptable settlement with the Taliban can only be achieved if the movement forms an inclusive and decentralized government in Afghanistan, describing all other options as unacceptable to the representatives of the resistance, “otherwise, the confrontation with the Taliban will continue.”

The opposition leader denied receiving any financial support from abroad, pointing out at the same time that many countries in the region are siding with the Taliban.

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About a week ago, the Pakistani Geo TV channel reported that the Taliban movement and the forces of the Northern Alliance opposing them had reached an agreement that would avoid military escalation in the province of Panjshir in Afghanistan, according to news coming from there.

The channel quoted informed sources as confirming that the two parties, under the agreement they reached, pledged not to attack each other.

The expectations, according to the channel, were that the peace agreement between the two parties would be officially announced during a press conference to be held by the leaders of the Taliban and the Northern Alliance.

Panjshir remains the last non-Taliban province in Afghanistan, where opposition forces under the command of Ahmed Masoud are active.

Ahmed Masoud had previously announced that the Taliban resistance in the Panjshir Valley, northeast of Kabul, “will not stop fighting,” without ruling out, at the same time, a dialogue with the new authorities in Afghanistan.

He also stressed that he would “never accept an imposed peace whose sole purpose is to achieve stability.”

On the other hand, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, considered that the issue of Panjshir is on its way to be resolved.