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7 ways to prevent makeup from clumping

7 ways to prevent makeup from clumping

Every woman wants a perfect, unique and longer lasting makeup look; So we have included some tips for you andTips to prevent clumps of makeup, explained by cosmetic expert Basma Al-Far.

1. Choose the right foundation for your skin

foundation cream

Always choose a shade foundation cream Which suits the skin tone, there are personalities who choose lighter shades believing that they help them appear brighter, light foundation makes your skin look pale and gray; So while choosing a foundation, make sure that it matches the skin tone after applying it to the jawline.

2. Consider skin type

Skin types

The next thing to remember when buying a foundation is the type of skin, for oily skin, you should apply a matte foundation and with dry skin you should apply a moisturizing foundation to get a dewy finish, in other words, do not put a moisturizing foundation on oily skin because it will melt , giving you a foundation not shiny It can form a wrinkle on dry skin.

3. Don’t forget to rub foundation

To apply foundation smoothly on the face, it is important to rub the skin; Because it helps remove dead cells from the skin, and prevents make-up from clumping.

4. Moisturizing before applying makeup is an important step in not clumping makeup

Regardless of your skin type, it is very important to moisturize the skin to get a smooth base for makeup for a flawless and flawless look. Applying a good moisturizer makes the skin look fresher and does not make it look fake, thus it also helps the makeup look fresh for a long period of time.

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5. Apply a primer to the face

Primer is an important part of your makeup routine; Because it helps fill in pores and fine lines and provides a smooth foundation for foundation, it is a great option for women who have a lot of pimples on the face, as it helps hide many facial imperfections.

6. Use a color corrector


It is enough to use foundation without using a color corrector, but sometimes it makes the imperfections look unnatural. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a color corrector if there is pigmentation or dark circles under the eyes, this advice will help to get a flawless look on the face and prevent makeup from clumping.

7. Incorporation


To apply the foundation, use a cosmetic sponge or brush, it is quite obvious that the sponge gives a soft touch especially wet sponges; Because it makes the makeup melt into the facial skin and gives you a smooth, beautiful and natural look. All that is required is just a wet sponge and pat it on the skin and blend the foundation smoothly after a while, let the makeup foundation dry for a few minutes before applying more makeup products on the skin such as foundation.

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