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79% would prefer Mbappe to Real Madrid

The majority of participants in the “Al-Bayan” poll believe that the transfer of Kylian Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain player, to Real Madrid is better at the present time for the French star, especially in light of the reports that indicated the player’s desire to leave the Parisian club and join the ranks of the “Merengue”.

79% of the respondents in the statement poll supported Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid, while 20% preferred him to stay in Paris Saint-Germain.

The “sports statement” asked a question about which is better for the young French star, moving to Real Madrid or staying in Paris Saint-Germain, so that the results come with a big difference in light of the desire of the majority to see Mbappe in the ranks of the Madridista club in a deal that will be considered one of the biggest summer Mercato deals this season. If the details are complete.

75% of the respondents to the “Sports Statement” account on the social networking site “Twitter” preferred the player’s transfer to the Spanish club, compared to 25% who supported his stay in the French capital.

The percentage did not differ much on the newspaper’s website, with 83% wanting the player to move to Real, compared to 17% who want him to stay.


Reports had confirmed that Real Madrid had made an offer of 170 million euros to contract with Mbappe, but they indicated that the French club rejected the offer pending another offer from the Spanish club, as things are still not resolved yet regarding the expected deal, which will complete the historic Mercato in the ball. The world, at a time when international media pointed out that Kylian Mbappe wants to move to Real Madrid.

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Walid Al Shamsi, the players’ agent, considered that Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid is better for the player than staying in Paris Saint-Germain, given that he will be the first star in the Meringue ranks, while his chance is less in the presence of Messi, who will grab the spotlight and will always focus on him, in addition to the Brazilian star. Neymar.

He said: Mbappe will shine more with Real Madrid in the event of his transfer, especially since he is still a young player and has many years of brilliance, while his stay in Paris may affect him with Messi kidnapping the lights, adding: I think that the deal may end with the transfer of the player who is one One of the best players in the world today, and I think that the deal is good for Paris Saint-Germain to take advantage of the contract value and in their interest to compensate for the huge sums of money from the deal to include Messi.