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8 منتخبات أوروبية ستتأهل رسميا إلى مونديال قطر في التوقف الدولي الحالي

8 European teams will officially qualify for the World Cup in Qatar in the current international break

With only two rounds remaining in the European qualifiers for the World Cup “Qatar 2022”, the competition to reserve a transit visa to the international football tournament is intense.

Thirteen European teams qualify for the World Cup, and with Germany and Denmark securing their qualifications last month, only 11 places remain.

From tomorrow Thursday until next Tuesday, the matches of the last two rounds of the European qualifiers will be held, which will result in the qualification of eight other teams, because the ten group champions in the European qualifiers qualify directly for the finals, while the runner-up teams will play a play-off with the participation of qualified teams from the Nations League. Europe to determine the identity of the other three teams that will represent the old continent in the 2022 World Cup.

The following are the candidates to qualify for the current international break:

The first group

Serbia leads with 17 points from 7 matches, followed by Portugal with 16 points from 6 matches.

The Portuguese national team will face Ireland on Thursday and play a crucial match against its direct rival Serbia on Sunday to find out who will be the group champion and thus guarantee a direct place in Qatar.

the second group

Sweden leads with 15 points, followed by Spain (13 points).

If Sweden beat Georgia on Thursday and Spain does not beat Greece, the Swedish national team secures its place in the World Cup and sends Spain to the play-off.

And if Spain beat Greece, regardless of Sweden’s result, Spain and Sweden will play a crucial confrontation in the last round on Sunday to determine the group champion and the holder of the ticket to the World Cup.

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third group

Italy leads the group with 14, with a goal difference from Switzerland, which has the same balance of points.

The two teams meet on Thursday, regardless of the outcome of their match. The decision will be postponed to the final round scheduled for Sunday when Italy travels to meet Northern Ireland, and Switzerland hosts Bulgaria.

Fourth group

France is in the lead with 12 points, followed by Ukraine with nine points, Finland with eight points, and then Bosnia with seven points.

France will qualify without relying on any result if they beat Kazakhstan next Saturday, and in the event they lose, everything will be decided in the last round when France meets abroad with Finland and Bosnia with Ukraine next Tuesday.

Fifth group

Belgium leads with 17 points from 6 matches, followed by the Czech Republic (11 points from 7 matches) and Wales (11 points from 6 matches).

Belgium will qualify directly if they beat Estonia next Saturday.

Sixth group

Denmark has already qualified by securing the top spot in the group.

Seventh group

The Netherlands leads with 19 points, followed by Norway with 17 points.

The Netherlands will qualify if they beat Montenegro and Norway does not beat Latvia. The Dutch will also qualify for the World Cup if they draw in the next two matches, where they will face Norway next Tuesday.

Norway will qualify if they maintain the points difference with the Netherlands and then beat them in the last round next Tuesday.

Eighth groupRussia leads with 19 points, followed by Croatia (17).

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Russia will qualify if they beat Cyprus and lose Croatia to Malta, or if they draw in their last two matches (which include a head-to-head match with Croatia), provided that Croatia does not defeat Malta.

Croatia will qualify if they beat Malta and Russia or even lose to Malta, but Russia must lose the next two matches.

ninth groupEngland leads with 20 points, followed by Poland with 17 points.

England qualifies without relying on the results of others, if they score four points in their last two matches (against Albania and San Marino).

Tenth group

Germany qualified by guaranteeing the top of the group.

Source: agencies