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8 hours of sleep is a myth invented by the bourgeoisie .. between supporters and opponents

8 hours of sleep is a myth invented by the bourgeoisie .. between supporters and opponents

American historian Arthur Roger Egrich became a university professor of history at the Tech in Virginia, and in his research on nightlife in Europe and pre-industrial America, many used sleep in two shifts; The first menstrual period and the second period of sleep with a few hour intervals between the two periods of prayer, eating or talking.

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Egrich’s research found that the habit of sleeping through the night did not end until a few hundred years ago, and that the emergence of electric lights alone led to the Industrial Revolution and a capitalist belief that sleeping was a waste of time. According to CNN, you can spend better at work.

Ekirch found the first hint of the concept of bypass sleep in a 1697 legal document of a mobile criminal court buried in the London registry office.Then the mother died.

In the early 19th century, Egirch discovered that the first sleep began to expand at the expense of the second sleep, and the period between waking. At the turn of the century, second sleep was slightly more than 10 minutes’ extra sleep in one bed, and “changes in the economic system, the structure of the work became more efficient,” Rice noted. At the same time, a large number of people attended the factory, doing as much work as possible in a concentrated manner.

Sasha Handley, a professor of history at the University of Manchester, says: , UK. .

Japan is far from that concept, and Brigitte Steiger, a senior lecturer in Japanese studies at the University of Cambridge in the UK, did not publish any notes on separated sleep during her research on sleeping habits in Japan. Sleep is linked to culture. , Community and ideology.

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He continued, “There is no clear distinction between pre-modern or pre-industrial sleep habits and modern sleep habits.”