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8 Information about the Lebanese Caroline Giote, Head of the United Nations Embassy in Kosovo

8 Information about the Lebanese Caroline Giote, Head of the United Nations Embassy in Kosovo

Relationships and community

The Lebanese United Nations has elected Carolyn Giade as the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Kosovo, following in the footsteps of Afghan Ambassador Zahar Tanin.

Giade served as Head of the Department of International Organizations in the Lebanese Embassy, ​​and served as Lebanon’s Assistant Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and served as Lebanese Ambassador to his country’s embassies in Britain, Belgium, Austria, and Croatia. And Slovakia.

The Republic of Kosovo is a recognized part of the Balkan Peninsula, as reported by the Russian news network “Russia Today” on September 22, 1991.

According to Serbia’s constitution, the region is considered autonomous and part of the country, but does not control much of the Belgrade region, and Russia vehemently opposes Kosovo’s independence from Serbia, which was declared by the Albanian majority in 2008. According to Sky News, Belgrade supports the pressure against Pristina’s international recognition.

The most important information about Caroline Ziad

He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics and political science from the University of Lebanon in Beirut.

He received diplomas in international relations from the University of Liber de Brookssels and the Embassy Academy in Vienna.

She is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

– He served at the Lebanese Embassies in Belgium and the European Union (1994-1999).

– He served in Lebanon’s permanent service in Vienna and at the country’s embassies in Austria, Croatia and Slovakia (1999-2002).

– He served at the Lebanese Embassy in the United Kingdom (2004-2006).

Former Deputy Permanent Representative of his country to the United Nations in New York (2006-2017).

– Since 2017, he has served as Director of the Department of International Organizations, Conferences and Cultural Services at the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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