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84 عامًا على تأسيسه: ما هو دور المجلس الثقافي البريطاني في مصر؟

84 years since its inception: What is the role of the British Council in Egypt?

The British Council first opened its doors outside England in 1938 – in Bucharest and here in Cairo. For 84 years the British Council in Egypt has played an influential role in supporting the development of education, art and culture in Egypt.

Elizabeth White, Director of the British Council in Egypt, told al-Yum al-Sabah that there are many old and very old educational institutions in Egypt, but as a foreign cultural institution, I think it was one of the first institutions to be opened by the British Council. Here.

“We are very proud of our 84-year history in Egypt, and throughout that time our vision has been to support the development of education, the arts and culture,” White added.

Commenting on the growth of the British Council’s role in Egypt, White said: “When we started 84 years ago, we were studying English, table tennis and wireless instruction. Now we are highly specialized and we teach English. We have five branches.”

He added that the Council supports the promotion of education and skills in Egypt through contacts and exchanges with British educational institutions or technology companies and institutions.

The British Council in Egypt focuses on three areas: school education (basic), higher education and teaching English in schools, according to reports from the Council’s Director.

At the center of the Council for the Future, there is cooperation with higher education to enhance links, cooperation and exchanges between universities in Egypt and the United Kingdom, especially in the field of climate adaptation. The light of COP 27 coming this year.

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He explained that the second focus of the Council is the professional development of English language teachers working in secondary schools, and that the Council has a large program in collaboration with school teachers in all governorates of Egypt to provide professional development to support English language teaching in schools.

He noted that the British Council was helping British authorities in Egypt to provide and manage school exams for hundreds of thousands of children.

In the field of art, the British Council aims to identify areas where exchanges and collaborations between art institutions or individuals in Egypt and the UK can be mutually beneficial and of mutual interest.

In this regard, White noted the collaboration with the Egyptian Research Society to provide professional development for archivists to preserve cultural heritage.

He added: “We work in the field of visual arts, drama or music to bring British artists to Egypt internationally and to bring British artists to Egypt.