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9 plays that you don't get tired of watching every Eid, most notably "The Children Have Growed" and "Raya and Sakina"

9 plays that you don’t get tired of watching every Eid, most notably “The Children Have Growed” and “Raya and Sakina”

Thank you for reading the news about 9 plays that you don’t get tired of watching every Eid, most notably “Al-Ayal Kbrubt” and “Raya and Sakina” and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – Egyptians always associate Eid with artworks shown on television, as there are memories that bring together Egyptian and Arab families with these works, especially theatrical works, where there are still immortal theatrical works, which the Egyptian public used to watch every year.

And the audience considered it one of the important Eid rituals, and despite watching these works hundreds of times, they still drew laughter every time, as if it was the first time, and was able to carve out their special place in the consciousness of the Arab viewer, not just the Egyptian, so the viewer does not get bored of it, and the joy of Eid is not complete without With its presentation, and among the most prominent plays:

naughty school

One of the theatrical works that the Egyptian scenes associated with most, and its events are summarized in five riotous students, united by one class inside a school whose director cannot control their riot, as they show their superiority over him in several situations, so the district director sends a woman teacher to discipline the children, so the naughty people mess with her At first, but she is tireless, and she tries hard to discipline the children, and in the end she is able to control the course of things and the children.

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The play starring Saeed Saleh, Adel Imam, Abdullah Farghali, Younis Shalaby, Ahmed Zaki, Suheir Al-Babli, Hassan Mustafa and Hadi Al-Jayar, written by Ali Salem, directed by Jalal Al-Sharqawi.

The children grown up

It expresses the Egyptian theatrical heritage, and one of the most successful plays, and revolves around the family of Ramadan al-Sukari, consisting of a father, a mother and four sons. One of the sons discovers by chance a love letter in his father’s bag, through which he learns about his intention to marry a woman other than his mother, so Kho and his brothers meet to find a solution This problem, but in a wonderful comedic way, and the play starring Hassan Mustafa, Karima Mokhtar, Ahmed Zaki, Saeed Saleh, Younis Shalaby and Nadia Shukri, written by Samir Khafagy, directed by Samir Al-Asfoury.

Watch, I don’t see anything

It was presented by the star Adel Imam after his success in the play “The School of Rioters”. Adel Imam preferred to present a play alone, away from the work team of the play “The School of Rioters”. Indeed, he succeeded with great success in this play, which is also considered one of the masterpieces of the Egyptian comedian theater, and it is directed by Dr. Hani Mutawa, co-starring Nahid Jabr, Nazim Shaarawy, and the able artist Omar Hariri.

Raya and Sakina

Which starred the artist Shadia and for the first time she was standing on the stage, and the giant of the comedy, the late great artist Abdel Moneim Madbouly and the able artist Suhair Al-Babli, and this play is considered one of the most important plays in the history of the Egyptian comedian theater, and it achieved great success when it was shown, and it continued for years It was shown in more than one Arab country, and it is still shown on television screens, and we watch it dozens or even hundreds of times, and we don’t get tired of it and we laugh with every viewing of it, and the most recent revolves around the famous story of Raya and Sakina.

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Lock your daughters

One of the most famous plays of the late great star Fouad Al-Mohandes, which was co-starred by Sana Younis, Ahmed Ratib, Sherihan and Muhammad Abu Al-Hassan. Al-Hassan and Sana Younis, when she was describing to him what her fiancé did when he wanted to hold her hand, with the famous slogan, “I was letting her hold her, Fawzia.”


One of the masterpieces of the great artist Muhammad Sobhi, and one of his most famous plays, and its events revolve around a group of brothers who appear to be a puck to fulfill their wishes at once, so each of them asks for a wish from the puck, in which it narrates the thoughts and dreams that come to man in a comic framework. Hussein and Abdullah Musharraf, written by Lenin Al-Ramli, directed by Jalal Al-Sharqawi.


The events of the play take place in a lyrical and comedic form in a popular neighborhood where Ramzy lives, who composes a play and tries to present it to the people of the neighborhood, but the officer Sherif removes the advertisement for the play, and it stars Mohamed Henedy, Alaa Wali El Din, Dina, Sherif Mounir, Ahmed El Sakka, Magda Zaki and Mona Abdel Ghani Written by Ahmed Abdullah, directed by Samir Al-Asfoury.


The play presents the story of a group of relatives, among whom are relations of condescension and hatred as a result of the outrageous wealth of some against the poverty of others. The puck comes out of one of the old artifacts and works to separate the family members that are trying to get rid of it, but to succeed in this, they must cooperate, starring Mohamed Henedy, Hassan Hosni, Magda Zaki, Mona Zaki, Ahd Al-Sakka and Hani Ramzy, written by Ahmed Awad, directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz.

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That’s okay

A play that takes place inside a satellite channel, and a love story that changed the fate of the owner of the channel, starring Sherif Mounir, Mona Zaki, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Ahmed El-Sakka and Hani Ramzy.