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9 thousand male and female students are carrying out the first scientific experiments in space today

Today, Saturday, the first scientific experiments about space, which are being carried out by more than 9 thousand male and female students on Earth, will begin in a momentary connection with the experiences of Saudi astronauts Rayana Al-Barnawi and Ali Al-Qarni at the International Space Station.

The students carry out 3 scientific experiments at different times, as each experiment targets a specific educational stage, starting with the implementation of the experiment of spreading liquid colors for male and female students in the upper grades of the primary stage today, Saturday, and the experiment of space kites for middle school students on Sunday, May 28, as well as the experiment of transmission patterns. Heat, for high school students, which will take place on Monday, May 29.

Scientific experiments about space

The three experiments are being carried out in scientific centers and schools equipped with the latest technologies that allow communication with the spacecraft, as well as high-capacity communication devices. To ensure sound and image quality.

Students will be able to share their experiences, learn about the details of life on board the International Space Station, as well as ask questions to the astronauts through radio communication, and learn directly about the most important moments and activities related to space.

The International Space Station has its own radio communication programme, ARISS, which aims to inspire students around the world; To develop their career and develop their scientific passion, by enabling students to make contact with the International Space Station crew.