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مذيع يطلب من ملكة جمال آسيا إزالة المكياج على الهواء.. شوف عملت إيه.. فيديو

A announcer asks Miss Asia to remove make-up on the air.. what did you do.. video

In a situation that sparked controversy, an announcer asked Miss Asia “Shinyar Ahmed”, known in Iraq as “Yarjan”, to wash her face on the air to ensure the truth of her beauty. His request removed all make-up.

Miss Asia Shnyar Ahmed

That shot caused a sensation on social networking sites, between those who see that “Yarjan” is courageous and her high self-confidence prompted her to remove makeup powders on the air, and among those who say the makeup story has become an old fashion now with the presence of Botox, fillers, and injections of freshness that show women beautiful even Without makeup, commentators said on the social media platforms, it seems that “Shnyar” has a face that has gone through these cosmetic procedures.

While “Yarjan” commented on this situation, “The video of the interview spread widely, and reactions to it varied, some doubted that I would be normal even after removing all the makeup from my face,” according to what was reported by the “Al Ain UAE” website.

Miss Asia Shnyar Ahmed (3)
Miss Asia Shnyar Ahmed


On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the city of Dallas, Texas, witnessed, last July, a beauty pageant for the elderly over the age of 60, where the participants were able to compete in fierce competitions to achieve the title of Miss Seniors.

Kimberly Geddy, 63, a piano teacher and grandmother of seven, says she has been exercising constantly. Kimberly Geddy went to the Dallas Seniors competition and won. Also, one-arm push-ups, but the section on wearing swimwear has been dispensed with for them. Other than that, all the beauty pageant sections are present.

Miss Asia Shnyar Ahmed (1)
Miss Asia Shnyar Ahmed

Miss Asia Shnyar Ahmed (4)
Miss Asia Shnyar Ahmed

Joyce Brown, the previous year’s winner, a retired engineer and tap dancer, said: “I feel like I have improved over a decade in my life. It depends on your psychological state and how you use it.” She added: “The most beautiful age is sixty.”

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The 1991 winner, Vivian Kleinwacher, celebrated her 100th birthday during the competition’s activities this year among the new contestants, and she wore a beauty pageant sash.