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A balloon the size of a stadium carries a replacement for the Hubble telescope into space... Photos الفضاء

A balloon the size of a stadium carries a replacement for the Hubble telescope into space… Photos الفضاء


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A group of scientists announced that they are working on a new project to launch a large space telescope as an alternative to the “Hubble” telescope by using a giant balloon the size of a football field.

The scientists pointed out that the telescope will be launched into the upper atmosphere by attaching it to a balloon (a huge balloon) about the size of a stadium.

Scientists named the telescope, which was said to be a replacement for the famous “Hubble” telescope, “SuperBIT”, and it will rise about 28 miles above the Earth’s surface, orbit the globe and take pictures of the universe.

The new telescope will actually start operating in April of 2022, as it will be launched from New Zealand by a team from the University of Toronto and NASA.

The new telescope has a mirror with a diameter of half a meter, and it can stay in the air for months on end thanks to a new balloon design from NASA. Ultra PressurizedAccording to the British “Daily Mail”.

The telescope will cost about $5 million, a fraction of Hubble’s $1.5 billion launch cost, which could go toward repairs and maintenance.

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