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A basket star rejects a contract of more than 100 million dollars for rejecting the “Covid” vaccine

A basket star rejects a contract of more than 100 million dollars for rejecting the “Covid” vaccine

And he said Irving In statements on the media day before the start of the season, “I gave up the extension of my contract for another four years, in exchange for 100 million and some millions because of my adherence to my decision not to vaccinate,” according to AFP.

“To sign such a contract, get Vaccination Or not being vaccinated…there is a level of uncertainty about your future…so I had to face the possibility of losing my job because of this decision.”

Irving, 30, was forced to miss matches at the Brooklyn Nets Arena until the end of March this year, because health protocol In effect until then in New York, non-vaccinated people were prohibited from entering the gymnasiums.

Najm added,Brooklyn Netswho plays in the NBA ChampionshipNBAIrving said he had received an “ultimatum” to vaccinate if he wanted to extend his contract.

He stressed that “we were supposed to settle everything before the training camp last season. It didn’t happen simply because I refused. I just had to live with it. It was a difficult situation to digest.”

However, the team’s general manager, Sean Marks, refuted the idea of ​​issuing an “ultimatum” to the player, explaining, “It was only about dealing with people who are trusted, present and responsible. We are all, employees, players and coaches. It was not about issuing an ultimatum to someone.” What to get vaccinated?

At the end of June, Irving activated the clause to extend his contract for the next season until June 2023, for $37 million.

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On the other hand, the other star in the ranks of the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, announced 3 weeks ago that he had reversed his decision to leave the club this summer.

Durant requested on June 30 that he be included in a deal to leave the club, less than a year after extending his contract worth $198 million for four years.

Several US reports said Durant sent an ultimatum to club owner Joe Tsai asking him to either fire general manager Marks and coach Steve Nash or agree to his transfer request.

“Last season, we had players who left (James Harden for Philadelphia), others injured, and a lot of uncertainty, which made my mind doubtful, about the next four years of my career,” Durant said on Monday.