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A beluga whale caught in the sea was injected with vitamins to recover

A beluga whale caught in the sea was injected with vitamins to recover

01:57 PM

August 07, 2022 Sunday


French officials overseeing an ongoing effort to rescue a chained beluga whale have announced a strategy that involves giving the giant animal a combination of different vitamins.

“Rescuers hope this dose of multivitamins will help the whale regain its appetite and gain the energy it needs to return to the sea,” AFP said.

The whale, clearly suffering from malnutrition, was first spotted on Tuesday in the Seine, 70 kilometers from the French capital Paris.

Despite efforts to push the whale into open water, the whale is still trapped amid concerns expressed by scientists about its health.


All attempts to feed the large aquatic animal failed, and rescue workers gave him frozen herring and live trout, but the four-meter-long whale still did not eat any of them, according to a local official in the French town of Ur. ISABEL TORLET POSEY.

AFP quoted Bousset as saying the whale “appears very pale and is having trouble eating.”

A humpback whale stranded in a crocodile-infested river in Australia has finally returned to the ocean.

Save the lives of 108 stranded whales off the coast of Australia

Concerned authorities in France hope that injecting the large animal with vitamins will help it to whet its appetite and make the 160km journey from the Seine River to the English Channel, where it can return to its original home in the Arctic.

Another option authorities are considering is removing the whale from the river, but this option requires the trapped aquatic animal to have some strength to survive the extremely dangerous journey.

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Rescuers said small spots had started to appear on the whale’s skin. But it’s not yet clear whether it’s a result of being in fresh water, as opposed to a natural environment in salt water. A poor health condition.

Scientists say the beached whale exhibited unusual behavior because it only briefly surfaced and did not make the noise expected from a whale.

Scientists are still baffled as they try to figure out how this whale traveled so far from its natural habitat in the frigid waters of the Arctic and adjacent regions.

Beluga whales often travel south in the fall in search of food, but they rarely venture far from their native habitat. Nevertheless, there were stories similar to what was happening in Sean.

A killer whale was found dead in the Seine River near Normandy last May, after experts confirmed that a male black orca was in critical condition after plans to take the killer whale back to sea failed.

In 2019, UK authorities confirmed the discovery of a dead whale in the Thames near Gravesend.

A humpback whale was swimming in the waters near the area. He may have reached the Thames due to a navigational error that often occurs during high tides.