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A “big conspiracy”… Shock after the exclusion of an Algerian female boxer before the World Championship final

The Algerian boxer, Iman Khalif, was denied the 66kg final at the World Championships held in New Delhi, which was scheduled for Sunday, due to “failing to meet the eligibility criteria” according to the International Federation of the Game.

Khalif was supposed to face the Chinese, Yang Li, in the final, but she was surprised by the decision to exclude her.

The Algerian Boxing Federation published the news of Khalif’s exclusion on its Facebook account without delving into the reasons, saying: “The International Boxing Federation prevents Algerian boxing Iman Khalif from participating in the world championship for health reasons.”

The International Federation justified its decision to Agence France-Presse, saying: “A female boxer from Algeria, Iman Khalif, was excluded from the IBA World Boxing Championships due to not meeting the eligibility criteria. Because of the exclusion, Thai boxing Gangayem Suwanaveng will compete in the 66 kg final.”

“The IPA upholds its own rules and regulations as well as the personal and medical privacy of athletes, and therefore the IPA cannot disclose (details of) this breach of the eligibility criteria,” he added.

Khalif published a video clip after the decision to exclude her, in which she said: “Unfortunately, I learned yesterday that I could not compete in the final … I am still proud of myself because I raised the flag of my country. This is a conspiracy for me … Saying that I have qualities and capabilities that do not qualify me to fight women illogical…”.

And she stressed, “I am still proud of raising my country’s flag high… This is a conspiracy. There are parties that conspired against Algeria so that our country’s flag does not fly high and we do not win the gold medal.”

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And she indicated that she “conducted 4 fights without a problem… After all that, they tell me these words, I deeply regret this decision… It is a big conspiracy.”