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A big recognition of the Czechs, the American coach smiled. Young hockey players were thrilled at the World Cup


The home team was under great pressure, especially in the first half of the match. “There is a lot of appreciation for the Czechs and the way they played.” US coach Dan Musa said in an interview with the International Architectural Federation (IIHF): “There is a clear identity in the way they play.”

“I am proud of that. In my opinion, we deserved to win,” with regret for the final defeat of Czech striker Jakob Kos.

In the first period, the Czechs overtook the mighty 18: 8 Czechs and made progress with one goal of pressure.

“We should have scored more goals there. But in the end, it was a tied game, because the Americans added after that. They have tremendous skills. What the 1920s defender shows, for example, is a pleasure to watch,” server relayed About the Czech coach Jakob Peter and his praise for Lynn Hutson, who prepared the first goal for the United States and then decided the match in the raids.

The national team coach had no easy task after Thursday’s failed end to a good match with the Finns, but he managed to wake up and prepare the team perfectly.

The Czech youth hockey team scored a point in the World Cup in the USA

“Maybe our ability to do it physically in a couple of days is a reward for those two months in our program. It’s not the reward I envisioned. The ideal scenario would be nine points and lead the group, which I don’t think anyone would be surprised at. But let’s take incremental steps and be humble.”

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He also did not forgive himself a somewhat personal message after the match, which showed how satisfied he was with his current participation in the youth team.

Tragedy! We totally succeed, young Czech hockey guys are upset by the finally blast with the Finns

“I am really proud of the boys. I am really proud to be able to coach this team. From the moment I finished at Vitkovis, I started hockey a lot of fun in this tournament. Or already during the season. He praised himself for working with these people.”

The national team is currently fourth in the table and already has some progress to the quarter-finals. If he wants to avoid strong Canada, he may have to beat the Russians in Saturday’s prime playing time.