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A big shock awaits users of the next iPhone... Details |  economy and technology

A big shock awaits users of the next iPhone… Details | economy and technology

The latest leaks confirmed that the iPhone 14 phones, which the American company Apple plans to release next September, will come with a Lightning charging port for Apple products, but the iPhone 15 phones, which will be launched next year 2023, will contain a USB-C charging port. Which is a great shock to users and a burden for them to change chargers and cables.

According to Forbes magazine, the iPhone 14 phones will be the last series of phones from Apple to come with the customary Apple Lightning charging port, and then the company will start one of the biggest changes in its products, due to pressure on Apple from the European Union.

Recently, the European Union attacked Apple with the necessity of moving to the USB-C charging port, similar to Android phones, in order to unify the chargers between all Apple users and other companies, but Apple objected to the decision, accusing it of killing creativity.

According to the magazine, Apple will not be able to sell iPhones or any of its other products without a USB-C port in Europe in accordance with the laws of the European Union, which will make the inclusion of its next products with a USB-C port.

Analysts expect that Apple will separate the regular iPhone models from the Pro models, which will make the iPhone 15 Pro phones released next year be issued with a USB-C port, while the iPhone 15 phones will remain the same with the Lightning port, which will cause more confusion for users.

And the American company Apple presented chargers for the new MacBook Air at its Apple WWDC 2022 developer conference with two ports, one of which is a USB-C port, which analysts considered to be in compliance with European Union rules.

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