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A big surprise.. All of Amr Diab’s albums have been deleted from YouTube

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The audience of the famous Egyptian artist Amr Diab was surprised by the deletion of all his songs from his official channel on the YouTube video site, with the exception of a number of his concert videos only and some ads.

Social networking sites were abuzz with this news, as they created speculations about his preparation for a new surprise to be presented by “The Plateau” during the next few hours, and questions about the reason for the disappearance of his albums, as the artist follows 5.7 million accounts on YouTube.

According to Egyptian media, these albums, which were deleted or hidden, were produced by Amr Diab through his company “Nai” during the last seven years.

The strange thing is that Amr Diab’s albums disappeared without revealing the reason, while some suggested that it might be a step by the plateau, related to a new project related to the digital rights of his songs, and the matter did not stop at his YouTube channel only, but also included the Spotify application and YouTube. Music, iTunes.

For his part, the plateau did not comment through his social media platforms about the reason for the sudden disappearance of the songs.

And the albums that were hidden were the ones produced by Amr Diab through his company “Nay”, while a number of parts of concerts, some advertisements, and old songs that were not produced by his company remained, and many albums were deleted from them, “The Sweetest, the Sweetest, and Maadi Al Nass.” All my life, oh me oh no” and other songs.

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On the other hand, the plateau Amr Diab is preparing to perform a concert in Riyadh tomorrow, Thursday, at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater, and Amr Diab published a picture of the concert poster through his account on the social networking site Twitter and commented: “Ready.”