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A billion pesos is flying in space. With his brother on the Blue Origin ship

Jeff Bezos will likely make one of his children’s dreams come true. According to Reuters, this will be a milestone in the path of new private flights into space. According to current figures, the ship will begin entirely from handcuffs in West Texas. Report this to the port CNN.

A billion pesos sold shares in Amazon. For 2 billion dollars

I have been traveling to space since I was five years old. On July 12th, I will be doing this trip with my brother. He wrote this adorable adventure, with a best friend, on his Instagram profile on Monday.

The Blue Origin flight should take about an hour. It’s what’s called a sub-orbital mission, when you reach the edge of space. There, they would be able to get their vision and condition for a while, not bring their unit back to Earth. The cabin separated from the rocket about a hundred kilometers above the planet.

Bezos has ordered a new luxury yacht. It will be equipped with a boat and a helipad

Together with the Bezos brothers, they will pass from an online auction, which will be sold by 5,000 people from more than 100 countries to the city on the first full flight of New Shepard by June 12 and at auction for another place on the first full flight of New Shepard. So far, the highest bid has reached $2.8 million, which is nearly 60 million crowns.

The new creator will donate to the Blue Origin Foundation — the Club of the Future — whose mission is to inspire future generations in sales and technology and help them create the future of life in space, Blue Origin says.

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