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سحابة سوداء تغطى سماء سيدنى وتحول المدينة إلى ظلام دامس.. فيديو وصور

A black cloud covers the sky of Sydney and turns the city into complete darkness.. Video and photos

The sky of Sydney in Australia turned into complete darkness, in a scene that can only be seen in American world fiction films, as the city was exposed to an air storm accompanied by thunder and lightning that covered the city and caused the city sky to turn black with the sounds of thunder and lightning, and this atmosphere is strange The inhabitants of the famous Australian city.

Aerial footage, filmed with drone lenses, spread on social media, depicting the scene in Sydney, where the huge black cloud covered the city’s sky, and the storm covered the city’s beaches, and this image is unfamiliar in Sydney and caused concern among the residents.

The Australian Meteorological Authority has also monitored a severe thunderstorm in Sydney, and is expected to affect large parts of the city during the coming period.

Darkness takes over the city

The city turns into darkness
The city turns into darkness

And many areas and villages in the Australian state of New South Australia were hit by a violent cyclone that caused severe damage and caused a lot of losses to buildings and facilities. newsletter Australian”, footage of the cyclone damage in a rural area west of Sydney, where the roofs of houses were blown and many buildings were destroyed that could not withstand the force of the air cyclone that hit New South.

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Aerial scenes monitored by drones showed emergency and rescue personnel deployed among the homes destroyed by the cyclone. Bathurst Town.

The emergency services in the state of New South Wales also said that warnings are still continuing of the consequences that the cyclone may cause in the cities of Australia.

side of pictures
A black cloud covers the Sydney sky