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Značka oddaná elektromobilům odhalila nové obří SUV s mohutným přeplňovaným motorem pod kapotou

A brand dedicated to electric cars, has unveiled a new giant SUV with a supercharged engine under the hood

A brand dedicated to electric cars, has unveiled a new giant SUV with a supercharged engine under the hood

yesterday | Peter Miller


Photo: Cadillac

Obviously, if you want to sell electric cars only in a few years, the best way to attract loyal customers is to offer a multi-ton SUV with perhaps 700 horsepower from a compressor-equipped V8, which makes sense. That’s exactly what Cadillac is doing right now.

It’s one of those brands that announced an early transition to pure electric propulsion and we don’t really understand why they would. And many of its old dealers obviously don’t understand that more than a third of them would rather close than continue with the automaker down this road. A similar large-scale transmission can still be understood in Europe, where customers don’t tend to electric cars in a very similar way, with all the local pressures paying auto manufacturers fines at the start, ruthlessly manipulative ratings in the middle and subsidies at the end. And everything is in one direction and some believe that it will work. But the same in recognizing a less regulated United States?

It’s hard to tell whether it’s bold or naive when time shows how Cadillac will succeed with this strategy. Remarkably, however, although the company currently says it will only sell electric cars in a few years, it doesn’t offer any today. And his latest novelty is something like white next to black, Jing next to Yang, Klaus next to Jakeš. It is simply a car of a completely different model, trying to thank nature, perhaps just by feeding the trees near the roads with carbon dioxide.

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New is the Cadillac Escalade-V, which, as people quickly understand it, is a massive SUV (5.14 meters long) in its sharpened version. The automaker has not said much about it yet, but it is clear from the available materials that it is a bee among a bumblebee, a beast among beasts – a car, next to which there are even high-performance SUVs from Audi, BMW or Mercedes. Inferior, perhaps ascetic.

But first and foremost, Cadillac revealed a look that doesn’t have much to surprise. It’s a slightly visually modified Escalade with elements typical of sharp V designs, we see defined fenders, more black elements and classic American Véček badges. Let’s expect something similar in the interior, but so far the manufacturer has shown only a steering wheel with the usual logo, and you can’t make a better picture of it.

There was no information on this technology, but the accompanying video shows a supercharged V8 engine under the hood, most likely a 6.2-liter Blackwing, which still puts out 677 horsepower and 893 Nm of torque. None of the German competitors have the size, power or torque for this, and it’s very likely that you’ll get the more ambitious temperament of a big, heavy-duty Escalade.

Interesting car, why not. We’ve missed just a few of what Cadillac is seeing in its current phase of development. How does this go hand in hand with the early complete electrification of the wallet? What was the point of building a brand image with this car a few years before introducing something completely different? Either Americans are not telling the truth when they talk about complete electrification and it is only part of the supply. Or are they confused like skates in the summer, because they are now trying to build loyal customers with similar disciplines that you no longer want to sell in a few years? It just annoys someone, not associate it with the brand.

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Electric Vehicle Brand Unveils New Giant SUV With Massive Supercharged Under the Hood - 1 - Cadillac Escalade - V 2023 All 01Electric Vehicle Brand Unveils New Giant SUV Under the Hood Supercharged 2 - Cadillac Escalade V 2023 All 02Electric Vehicle Brand Unveils New Giant SUV With Powerful Supercharged Under the Hood - 3 - Cadillac Escalade - V 2023 All 03Electric Vehicle Brand Unveils New Giant SUV Under the Hood Supercharged 4 - Cadillac Escalade V 2023 All 04Electric Vehicle Brand Unveils New Giant SUV Under the Hood Supercharged 5 - Cadillac Escalade V 2023 All 05
The Cadillac Escalade-V 2023 might be an interesting car, but what’s the point of introducing a brand that wants to be electric-only ASAP? Photo: Cadillac

Source: Cadillac

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