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A British citizen of Iraqi origin is traveling from the UK to Mecca on foot for the Hajj.

A British citizen of Iraqi origin is traveling from the UK to Mecca on foot for the Hajj.

A British citizen of Iraqi origin traveling from the UK to Mecca for the Hajj, 53-year-old Iraqi-British electrical engineer Adam Muhammad, who has lived in the UK for almost 25 years, then left for the Holy Kaaba in Mecca to perform the Hajj. A dream he had in August/August last year.

A Turkish newspaper reported that Muhammad had crossed 11 countries in 11 months and reached his destination on foot from England to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He traveled 6,500 kilometers through Turkey in August last year and in January this year. Reach Makkah before the start of Hajj season on 7th July.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, man started questioning many things in life, delved deep into the Holy Quran to find answers, and decided to embark on a unique journey resulting in joy and spiritual affirmation.

During his travels, Muhammad was surrounded by a lot of love and admiration from the people he met on his way through the many countries he walked through.

He broadcast parts of his journey on Tik Tok, gaining half a million followers. An electrical engineer dreamed one night that he was walking from England to Mecca, and Muhammad was deeply affected by his vivid dream and walked to get there. The most sacred place on earth.

During his long journey, Muhammad spent the night on a bed inside a specially designed tricycle, and made a companion of a dog he had met through Serbia.

Explaining his intentions for making the journey, Muhammad said: “When I woke up, my inner voice told me to walk to Mecca and remind people of the value of the Great Quran, that we are all brothers and that we should live in unity. Unity even though we embrace different religions. I felt the need to tell people that there are good people in all religions and remind them of God. I continued the journey that seemed impossible at first, because of a strong feeling within me.”

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In what is known as the “Journey of Peace”, Muhammad traveled through 11 countries in 11 months and reached the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia in a tricycle.