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A British expert predicts the expected date for the end of “Covid-19” restrictions and the return of life to normal

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A medical expert said that self-isolation of those who tested positive for “Covid-19” should be canceled in the near future and life should continue as usual.

Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said the “pain of self-isolation” could cause more problems for the public and health care workers than the disease itself.

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The prominent health expert predicted that normal life could return to the rest of its era by April of next year, as “Covid-19” weakens to become just “another cause of colds.”

Hunter made this statement on the BBC’s Breakfast morning programme, following the news that no new measures on Covid-19 restrictions would come into effect in England before, and perhaps even after, the new year.

Speaking about the British National Health Service (NHS) staff shortage due to workers having to isolate, Hunter said: “This is a disease that does not go away, and the infection will not go away, although we will not see severe disease for much longer,” noting that the virus will not be cause for concern by April 2022, adding that “Covid-19 will effectively become just another cause of the common cold.”

“Ultimately, we will have to allow people who test positive for COVID-19 to go about their normal lives as they would with any other cold. So, at some point, we have to relax about this,” he added.

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While Omicron is much more contagious than the Delta mutant, the newer mutant strain is much milder. With a hospitalization risk 50-70% lower than Delta’s thus far, Omicron is clogging the health system even less.

Source: The Daily Star