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A British judge has rejected a request to stop deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda

A British judge has rejected a request to stop deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda

Judge Jonathan Swift on Tuesday rejected a request by a group of asylum seekers, backed by a union and refugee organizations, for a restraining order against the scheduled trip. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s appeal to Rwanda.

It was the first flight to depart from Britain under a controversial agreement between the UK and East African countries.

Britain plans to send migrants from Britain to Stowaway or small boats to Rwanda, where their asylum claims are to be processed. If they win, they will be in an African country.

In the London High Court, public prosecutor Matthew Gallick said on Tuesday that 37 people would arrive on a plane, but the deportation orders of six had been revoked.

He said the government still operates the aircraft and plans to operate future aircraft.

The British government has not released details of those selected, but says the refugee group includes those who left Syria and Afghanistan and came to Britain via small canals.

The rights groups paid Rwanda ஒப்பந்த 120 million ($ 158 million) in advance for the deal, which was unprofessional, inhumane and a waste of British taxpayers’ money.

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