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A British man was prevented from leaving Qatar for more than 7 years .. He tells his story

A 75-year-old British man has been stranded in Qatar for more than seven years after being denied permission to leave due to a work dispute.

Ronald Crook, who also returned to Gloucestershire, was barred from even attending his father’s funeral due to a travel ban imposed on him by two influential Qatari brothers, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

Abdul Hadi Awazan al-Hijri and Hamad Awazan al-Hijri were hired as sponsors of a construction company called Geoson / Construction Dynamics, of which Crook was general manager, as Qatari law at the time dictated that there should be no business. At least 51% of the company is locally owned.

According to Crook, the brothers’ role was to settle domestic disputes, but they were replaced when they failed to meet expectations, which led to a series of lawsuits against him, which he always won, but each time the cases were opened, and thus his travel ban was imposed. Continued.

“They have made criminal allegations against me. You always think the truth will prevail but this is wrong. People should open their eyes and go to Qatar,” he added.

The first lawsuit was filed in August 2014, and Crook could not leave the country until December 20, 2021, after seven years, 11 months and 15 days in the UK.

He has faced two civil and two criminal cases, all of which have been appealed, and he has attended more than 50 court hearings, each time winning.

At the outset of the case, the newspaper quoted Crook as saying that he and his wife had revoked their residence permit or else he would have been banned from traveling.

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As a result, they were separated for a long time, and when he returned to England he could not go with him when he needed emergency pelvic surgery.

He explained that he had missed his father’s funeral in 2015 and that it had caused him great pain after the court refused to lift the travel ban.

Crook had harsh words for the British government, which he said would act slowly.

Pointing out that the Qataris are investing billions in the UK, he said the real story here is that London is worried about disturbing a country that is financing many important projects for the economy.

There was no immediate comment from Qatari officials on the release of the British newspaper.