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A British organization reveals: A secret group within the British Parliament whose activity is anti-Muslim | political news

The British organization “Hope Not Hate” published a sensational investigation which revealed a secret committee within Parliament, made up of many British nobles, and making great efforts to direct the ongoing campaign against Muslims in the UK.

A parliamentary task force entitled “New Issues Group” was established in 2012, chaired by Lord Malcolm Pearson, and was initially of a confidential nature, and included elite members of the House of Lords, including Baroness “Caroline Cox”. He has a long record of publishing anti-Islamic views. , according to the system.

According to the inquiry, the House of Lords is considered to be the upper chamber of the British Parliament and includes many British elite politicians who work for the welfare of the citizens, but the secret committee formed had another job offer. .

The parliamentary task force’s work focuses on fostering fear of Islam in Britain, and it uses rhetoric describing Muslims as “foreigners” and “different” and promotes its belief that Islam is not a religion but a “political system”. It wants to achieve dominance in Britain.

The group, according to the organization, is trying to influence government policies by promoting draft laws that would allow British laws to be tailored to the views of the anti-Muslim current. The names of the group’s founders appeared at events such as conferences and field walks promoting these ideas.

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Documents from UK-based anti-hate crime group Hope Not Hate show the task force has received funding from conservative US organisations.

The investigation indicated that between 2012 and 2014 the anti-Islam parliamentary group received almost 112,000 pounds (about 134,000 US dollars).

Commenting on the information contained in the British body’s investigation, Muslim Council of Britain secretary-general Zara Muhammad described the scope of the group’s anti-Islamic work as “extremely worrying and troubling”.

Jara added, “To what extent is such a group allowed to operate within parliament and collaborate with well-known symbols of Islamophobia and the far right?”