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A brother to Tik Tok that exceeds Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube in downloads.. What is the story?

A brother to Tik Tok that exceeds Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube in downloads.. What is the story?

From the app (The New York Times)

He suddenly went up because of a massive promotional campaign

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Suddenly and without warning, the “A” social network application of the Chinese “ByteDance” company, owner of “Tik Tok”, entered the list of the ten most downloaded applications in the United States on the Apple “App Store”.

This announcement came after the application was outside the list of the 200 most downloaded applications on the App Store, according to the technical website TechCrunch.

Bypass Gmail, WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook

The social network managed to overtake Gmail, WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook in terms of download rates within a few days.

According to information statistics from the “” institution, since the application arrived on the official stores in 2020, its download rates have been significantly low, which makes its recent rise “a matter of question.”

These developments come in the midst of escalating US pressure on the company to sell “Tik Tok” or face its ban, with the issuance of a federal ban preventing the application from being downloaded on federal agencies, and preventing US states and European countries from applying at the government level as well.

Tik Tok (AFP)

And “Data AI” statistics indicated that the “Lemon8” application was not officially disclosed and launched on the “Google Play” and “App Store” stores only a few days ago. Throughout the period between March 2020 and until a few days ago, the application was available for experimental purposes. .

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Huge promotional campaign

In addition, analyzes of this sudden rise in the United States indicate that the official launch of the application will be accompanied by a huge promotional campaign that depends on advertising the application within the search results, as well as showing advertisements for the proposed applications on the home page of the official stores.

While the content makers described the new platform in their interview with the news site as “a mixture between Instagram and Pinterest”, which reflects that this description is provided directly by the Chinese company to promote its new platform everywhere.

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