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A bug in "Android" may cause "bombing" of battery life!

A bug in “Android” may cause “bombing” of battery life!

homelandBattery life is a constant concern for smartphone owners, and for millions of Android users, this issue is becoming more and more difficult.

And a software bug inside the famous Google Messages app caused the camera app to run in the background, where it worked for hours. The camera app is a perfect way to quickly warm up your device and run the battery.

The flaw was first discovered by the team at 9to5Google, and it can cause the phone to power up a bit and, as a result, drain battery life faster. And if you notice that the battery life is not the same as before, it is possible that the software bug is affecting your Android phone.

And the Google Messages app allows quick access to the camera so you can take pictures and send them in a chat thread without leaving the app. And if you denied permission to access the Google Messages Camera app when you first installed the app, you’ll be able to bypass this error.

Fortunately, Google confirmed that it has identified the cause of the battery drain error. A permanent fix will be made available to Android users worldwide soon. The latest beta version of the Google Messenger app successfully fixed the battery drain issue, which was released on April 19, 2022.

However, for those who don’t want to download the trial version – which is used to test the latest functionality and features and spot any potential bugs before rolling out the software worldwide – you’ll need to wait a little longer.

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Source: RT