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A call from their elder was the reason for the separation

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The Egyptian artist, Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, revealed for the first time the reasons for his separation from his wife, the artist Menna Arafa.

And Mahmoud Al-Mahdi wrote on his Instagram story: “How many people did I meet who sold that I took from him and became famous, if you think, at first I refused that we announce so that it does not stop like this, until the movie comes out, and the pictures leaked, and of course now after what happened they made me problems, I defended About her, when her biography came, and I did not respond to their elders and told the truth what happened, if I wanted to be famous, I would have done like the majority.

He added: Their elder was a big reason for the separation, I was by her side when she received a call from this person, the coming days will clarify some points from the call, and I wish well for anyone in my life.

And about Menna Arafa’s position on their separation, Mahmoud al-Mahdi said: “Mena is the most one who stood with me, and what happened was circumstances beyond her control, and if anyone knew, she would excuse her. She has no guilt in what happened between me and him.”

Mahmoud al-Mahdi had announced that he had taken legal measures against the representative of the acting professions syndicate, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, after he described him as a nobody on television programmes.

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi wrote through the Story feature on his account on the social networking site Instagram: “Legal measures will be taken from a person who sets an example for art and actors, and no one is above the law, and unfortunately, no one will stand with me in this for the sake of interest… But praise be to God, the most important of all this, our Lord is with me.” I have never been silent when I see something wrong.”

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Ashraf Zaki attacked Mahmoud Al-Mahdi after insulting the artist, Ilham Shaheen, after she criticized his wife’s refusal to perform one of the artistic scenes.

Ashraf Zaki said, during a phone call to the “Hadrat Al-Muwatin” program, on “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel: “There is a campaign to distort the Egyptian artist and soft power… This is the way to search for fame. I mean, why would you attack an artist?! We will not leave anyone to insult an artist and undermine his reputation.” People.. one person is a nobody who writes against himself an artist who insults a great artist.. and by saying you are impersonating an artist, there is no artist.

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi announced his separation from Menna Arafa for the second time, and hinted through his Instagram account that the separation is linked to his standing against corruption.