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A campaign to stop the Kuwaiti series “From Al Haram Street” due to an Egyptian dancer.. Early anger or legitimate criticism?

A campaign to stop the Kuwaiti series “From Al Haram Street” due to an Egyptian dancer.. Early anger or legitimate criticism?

Since the launch of the platform Shahid VIP, the official promo of the Kuwaiti series “From Al Haram Street”, on Saturday, which is scheduled to be shown in the Ramadan 2022 series, social networking sites in Egypt have been buzzing with angry tweets calling for it to be stopped.

Although the promo video did not reveal all the events or the story of the series and was limited to showing a short scene by the artist Nour Al-Ghandour, who plays the role of a dancer from Egypt in which she asks some men about a lighter to light the cigarette, a number of the pioneers of communication platforms considered that the events of the series greatly offend. to the Egyptian woman.

The series was written by Heba Mashari Hamada, directed by Al-Muthanna Sobh, starring Hoda Hussein, Nour Al-Ghandour, Khaled Al-Buraiki, Ahmed Iraj, Maram Al-Balushi, Abdulmohsen Al-Qaffas.

Demands to stop the series

Activists launched the hashtag #Stop_Series_from_Al-Haram_Street_to, to demand the stopping of the series, after the producing company published the advertisement for the work.

While the Egyptian actress, Aiten Amer, stated in a tweet through her official account that the role of the series was shown to her previously, and “Egypt is not subjected to any harm,” calling for not to rush to judgments.

Defense of Egypt and Egyptian women

The Kuwaiti content creator, Muhammad Al-Dhafiri, defended Egypt in a video clip he posted on his Twitter account, saying that “the name of the series is provocative because it contains the label “Al Haram Street” (in reference to Egypt).” He added that other countries should not be insulted through soap operas, and other societies should be spoken of with respect, “but the easiest thing in the world is ignorance and lack of manners,” as he put it.

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Some activists focused on highlighting the names of Egyptian women who left a distinctive mark in various fields, such as Captain Latifa Al-Nadi, who was the first woman to obtain a flight license in the Arab world in 1933.

The Gulf citizen in Egyptian drama

Ahmed Al-Maimouni, a member of the Human Rights Society in Kuwait, wrote that Egyptian cinema has always shown the Gulf citizen in ugly roles, and there was no objection at the time. On the other hand, he considers that the inclusion of the role of an Egyptian dancer in a Gulf series should be accepted.

Hanan Al-Hamad shared his opinion, as she considered that Egyptian cinema “tarnished the reputation of the Gulf citizen” in films and showed him in the roles of the “stupid rich”.

The heroine of the series, Hoda Hussein, responded to the criticism of the series, saying that it was a “trend” and positive publicity for the series on social media even before it was shown, stressing that there was no abuse of the Egyptian people.