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A cargo ship successfully docks with the Chinese space station


An unmanned cargo ship successfully docked Thursday with China’s recently completed Tiangong (Palace of Heaven) space station.

Three astronauts will unload the cargo from the Tianzhu VI (celestial ship), according to the China Space Agency.

The cargo ship had lifted off from Wenchang Cosmodrome on south China’s Hainan Island the day before.

Tianzhou 6 was loaded with food including 70 kilograms of fresh fruit, among other things, as well as daily necessities, spare parts and 600 kilograms of fuel.

It is indicated that the cargo flight is part of the preparations for the upcoming crew change.

Three more astronauts are expected to arrive at the space station on May 25. They will replace the current crew of three after six months in space.

The Tiangong space station supports China’s ambitions to become a space power and catch up with the two major space nations, the United States and Russia.


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