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A “celestial triangle” decorates the dawn of the last day of 2021

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In the sky of the Arab world, before sunrise, on Friday, December 31, 2021, the crescent moon, the planet Mars and the star Antares wanes regularly in a celestial triangle that decorates the eastern horizon. Mars has been moving behind the sun from our perspective on Earth for several months, but late December is a good time to start observing the red planet as it heads toward its brightest star a year from now in December 2022. Mars is almost visible before sunrise but a crescent moon will help the declining moon position the planet On the last morning of 2021 as well as seeing another red body called Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius. Read also Sunday .. “The Last Quarter” decorates the sky of the Arab world, the heart of the scorpion is the red body to the right of Mars, on Friday morning, and the scene will be different for those who live in the southern hemisphere. Viewers will see this event from a different angle with respect to the horizon. According to the Jeddah Astronomical Society, from this part of the world, Mars will be closer to the horizon than Antares, while the Moon will be to the left of Antares, but in general the trio will remain close and a sight that can be seen as the year ends. Because of the color of the red heart of Scorpio, it is sometimes thought of as Mars, the red planet, and sometimes the luminosity of Mars can even exceed the heart of Scorpio! But that wasn’t the case in late 2021. Mars – which has just come back from behind the sun as seen from Earth – is at its weakest now, far across the solar system from us, its luminosity (+1.5) while Antares (+1) which means it’s more A little brighter. Look toward the direction of the sunrise, as twilights begin to light up the sky as the beautiful crescent moon will be above the horizon, Mars and Otters are organized into an interesting celestial triangle, although we hope you can see the view with the naked eye, this trio is best seen through binoculars internal. .

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A “celestial triangle” decorates the dawn of the last day in 2021

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